WhatTheyThink: Standard Finishing’s Red Hot Technologies

WhatTheyThink, Published on October 8, 2019

The Horizon VAC-L600H Air-Suction Collator and Hunkeler LS-30 Long Stacker were two Red Hot Technology Award-winning products that Standard demonstrated at PRINT 19 last week. Click here to watch the video: http://bit.ly/2J8Q58B

VAC-L600H Air-Suction Collator

The Horizon VAC-L600H Air-Suction Collator features an expanded capacity and improved feeding performance. With a suction rotor feed system, the VAC-L600H can reliably and efficiently feed a wide range of paper weights and textures with minimal effort.

Combined with the StitchLiner Mark III or the SPF-200L Bookletmaker, the system is capable of producing A4 landscape booklets, large format calendars, and more with ease and efficiency.

For additional information on Standard Horizon’s finishing equipment, please contact us at 810.238.7370.

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