Titan Paper Cutter Series

The Titan Paper Cutter Series continues the Challenge tradition of innovation, delivering large cutters features and sophisticated yet easy to use controls in convenient smaller format sizes. Models are available in 20 inches / 50.8 cm, 23 inches / 58.4 cm, and 26-1/2 inches / 67.3 cm cutting widths.

The Titan’s solid cast iron and steel construction provides years of quality cutting. The solid one inch thick metal tables provide a strong work surface necessary in a production environment.

The fully programmable Titans are accurate to within +/- 0.002 inch (0.05mm). For manual adjustments, the line-light indicator projects onto the stock to quickly allow for visual alignment. A low-pressure foot pedal clamping system provides safe control of the clamp where pre-cut clamping is needed, such as holding slick stock in place of verifying cut position.

Barcode Reader

Titan cutters with the TC control system can add an optional barcode reader to run multiple production lots quickly and efficiently. Once the job arrives at the cutter, simply scan the barcode printed on the job ticket or in the bleed area and the cutting program will instantly load into the machine. The barcode contains all cutting commands, or it can refer to pre-programmed job name already stored in memory.

Titan 200 – 20″ Cutter

Challenge Titan 200 TC

This budget conscious 20 inch manual backgauge paper cutter meets the toughest safety standards in the industry today. When it comes to choosing your next paper cutter, this one is easy…step up to a Titan 200!

Titan 230 TC – 23″ cutter

Challenge Titan 230 TC

Today’s print market places great demands on your business. Investments in cutting-edge wide format, inkjet, and digital print engines ensure you meet your customer’s diverse needs. Finish your upgrades with a Challenge Titan 230.

Titan 265 TC – 26″ Cutter

Titan 265 TC 26" Cutter

The Titan 265 is based on a solid cast iron and steel construction for maximum durability. Featuring a powerful hydraulic clamping and cutting that yields up to 26 cuts per minute!

The Titan Series are safe, productive, and durable machines that fit almost any budget.  Stop wasting valuable production time using that old cutter. Step up to a Titan Series cutter today! 

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