Titan 265 TC Paper Cutter

Titan 265 TC Paper Cutter

The Titan 265 TC paper cutter features a 10.5″ color touch screen TC controller with variable data entry mode, automatic fraction to decimal calculation and unlimited program storage capacity. Clamp mark waste is reduced or eliminated with programmable electronic clamp pressure control per cut.

Innovative advances improve the task of program creation through features such as repeat and loop commands, USP port for thumb drive program delivery, network capable hardware with an Ethernet port, labeling cutting and sheet division tools and more!

The TC System is the first paper cutter controller in the world to recognize common .csv format program files making offline programming simple and easy to implement at any size print operation.


  • Electronic clamp pressure control – programmable
  • Variable mode data entry (fraction, decimal, metric)
  • Automatic fraction to decimal calculation
  • Line light cut position indicator
  • Automatic false clamp plate detection
  • Hydraulic cutting & clamping
  • Rugged steel & cast iron construction – solid 1” thick aluminum table
  • UHMW adjustable knife bar gibs
  • 2-year warranty
  • Up to 26 cuts per minute
  • Ability to receive .csv files making offline programming and memory storage simple
  • Repeat and loop commands streamline program entry
  • JDF and network capable
  • USB port for simple thumb drive program entry

Learn more about the TC Control System Operation below:

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