This is the Year that Embossing & Hot Foil Stamping Goes Digital

Embossing & Hot Foil Stamping Goes Digital2014 – The year embossing and hot foil stamping went digital. 

This new digital process completely eliminates the need for plates or dies, as everything is controlled by a rip using digital files making the setup time only a few minutes long. As it is using a fully digital process, this also allows for the variable data production of embossed and hot foil stamped effects, with each sheet being different from the previous, with no impact on productivity. For the digital hot foil stamping, the iFOIL solution uses market available films, allowing for a very wide range of colors and effects, including metallic and holographic films.

Embossing & Hot Foil Stamping Goes DigitalFor digital embossing, the iFOIL solution in line with the JETvarnish 3D can create a build thickness of up to 200 microns* without generating any embossing marks on the back of the sheet. Both Embossing and Hot Foil Stamping can be activated independently of one another or may be combined.

iFOIL can handle all sheet formats A4 up to 52 x 105 cm (Letter Size up to 20 x 40 inches) and can produce at rates of up to several thousand sheets per hour. This equipment operates in line with the JETvarnish 3D digital coater.

See the award winning JETvarnish 3D and Intertech Award winning iFOIL in action and discover the future of creative print finishing.

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