The Rena XPS-ProMail Inkjet Console System

MSL-Rena XPS ProMail System

The Rena XPS-ProMail Inkjet  Console  System

The  XPS-ProMail Inkjet  Console  System will change the way you think  about  RENA Systems. This is a high performance system that is up to the  beating  that  professional grade equipment takes day after day,year after year. It is the most integrated and highest quality console system we have ever offered,and we are confident  that you willbe more than impressed with its fit and finish, build quality,and overall dependability.

Key Features:

  • Up to 4” high print area from four individual print heads for maximum coverage and versatility
  • Print speeds of 34,000 postcards/hr with Auto System Sychronization
  • Runs in-line with RENA Systems Console Productivity Accessories
  • Multi-Channel Wide Array AccuTrak Vacuum Transport/Registration System
  • Integrated ink monitor and cartridge storage system

For additional product information contact MSL at 1-800-343-4231 or our sales department at Visit MSL on the web at

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