The Ideal Desktop Binding System

The Ideal Desktop Binding System The AccuBindPro2 is the ideal desktop binding system for creating professionally bound documents. The AccuBindPro2 binds each book with a true linen finish thermal adhesive tape that hold up to repeated openings and closings without cracking or pulling apart. The attractive linen finish of the binding strips come in 11 exciting colors and in sizes to bind from 5 to 325 sheets that eliminate the need for punching and re-assembling of books.

The AccuBindPro2 is great for all types of binding applications, including sales and marketing publications, annual reports, proposals, manuals, presentations, and more. With its push button simplicity and superior linen textured binding strip, the AccuBindPro2creates an exceptional bind every time.

Professional Strength and Appearance

The AccuBindPro2‘s binding strips provide an outstanding bind that enhances a document’s professional appearance, effectiveness, and value.

Creative Binding

Virtually any covers you create or purchase can easily be used to customize your documents. There are 11 AccuBindPro2 strip color choices.

Simple, Fast Operation

The simplicity of the AccuBindPro2 makes it easy for anyone to become proficient with minimal training. The AccuBindPro2 will save you time and money when compared to mechanical punch binding methods.

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