The CRF- Creases and Folds with NO Cracking

Automation will FREE you from Wasted Time!
This summer the market has changed an awful lot! Production centers are learning how to cross-train and get the most out of every machine they own. Owners who have been investing in automation and modern equipment are enjoying the ability to do more with less while some struggle to keep up while using antiquated equipment. Automation is one of our primary focuses in the product lines that we sell. The Horizon philosophy is for complete touch screen control. Running high-end equipment can be as easy as using an app on your smartphone. Operators are guided and instructed through complex processes right on the equipment screen. The setup process asks all the right questions about what you’re doing and what you’re starting with. The logic is built into the software. The machines set themselves up! Stop wasting precious time changing over sizes. Optimize your change-overs with automated setups. Horizon equipment makes it simple to do complex production tasks without a whole lot of knowledge. Best of all, you’ll still produce that top level of quality that your customers expect. Easy to use equipment was a nice perk in the past. In today’s market it is an absolute must. Keeping production equipment operational even when there’s a shortage of skilled labor is something people with Horizon equipment know all about. Our customers who invested in automation have had a much easier time during this unique time in our industry. Old equipment requires a lot of expertise and a bit of an artisan touch. That extra time and limited talent pool makes it so ill-equipped production sites have a difficult time keeping up with demand or making money when they do. The CRF-362 is a Creasing and Folding machine. It has two dies, one of which can be swapped out for a perforation die. The machine is fully optimized for the task. The fold rollers are huge and finished pieces will lay perfectly flat. There is a secondary delivery section for creasing-only jobs to bypass the fold section; something that plagues other combination machines. Operators can make tiny adjustments to the fold or the crease right on the touch screen panel. Adjustments are made with a simple button instead of having to stop and think about which fold gate to adjust. The difference between running an old folder and a modern Horizon CRF-362 is night and day.

Doug Barrett
Account Executive
Cell: 810.691.6335
Mark Culley
Account Executive
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