The AutoFold Pro from Morgana

The AutoFold Pro From Morgana is a free standing folding unit. The Autofold Pro was developed with both digital and litho printers in mind with its ability to fold both pre-creased sheets. Highly versatile, this Morgana folder features a SmartScreen touch screen for simple operation. Alpha-numeric memory allows operators to store an infinite number of jobs, under any name of their choosing. This folding machine will benefit any digital or litho printer looking to prevent cracking, rather you are folding digitally printed, heavy weight or cross-grained stocks.

It is a free standing folding unit designed for folding digital stocks using our patented flying knife technology which was developed to prevent the scuffing and marking on digital stocks that are caused by folding using conventional methods.The AutoFold Pro is simply wheeled up to ANY manufacturer’s creaser and the height of its vacuum feed conveyor is adjusted to the exit height of the creaser.

  • SmartScreen touch screen operation
  • 6240 sph
  • Takes stock up to 0.015″ (approx 150lb cover)
  • Alpha-numeric memory
  • Wheel up to any manufacturer’s creasing machine
  • Long conveyor for longer sheets
  • 35.4″ x 15″ sheet length

Thousands of printers have benefited from installing a creaser to prevent cracking when folding digitally printed, heavy weight or cross-grained stocks. Folding was treated as a separate process and for many this was a manual task as traditional folding machines damaged the delicate surface of digital stocks.

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