The 2022 StitchLiner Concept

Mix and match collated and uncollated work from offset and digital departments. By replacing folding with cutting this method of bookletmaking leaves old-fashioned saddlestitchers in the dust! Perform a single bust-cut of a large sheet into single forms and then load those sheets directly into the StitchLiner. This whole product line of bookletmakers is versatile and able to match all kinds of production requirements for different applications.

No more waiting for signatures; the job will be out the door before the competition will finish folding sigs. Modernizing past the old process of using signatures is a huge benefit to modern requirements. People expect shorter turnaround times and do not place as large of orders as they used to. Approaching the process with a fresh mindset can provide a massive advantage to forward thinking production sites.



The StitchLiner Mark III is a complete refresh of the previous model. It features expanded booklet size range and increased speed up to 6,000 booklets per hour. The system can produce a wider range of products, such as landscape booklets and pocket booklets adding expanded application and flexibility. 

It can be configured to match your needs. Some users want a conventional collating system for offset print production and others want a high-speed sheet feeder for pre-collated digital production. Power users get collating towers as well as an in-line high output feeder so they can mix and match production from pre-collated and uncollated sources.

The StitchLiner Mark III enables you to meet the ever increasing requirements of the market. Horizon has eliminated the need for any type of slowdown settings to handle tough booklets. This model is know for running difficult sizes and stocks at full production speed. 


At up to 6,000 booklets per hour, the StitchLiner is ideally suited for landscape-oriented booklets. Ergonomic L-shaped configuration for efficient operation and space saving. 

The StitchLiner 6000 provides user-friendly operation, high productivity and versatility for on demand, production print, and trade bindery environments. 


The SPF-200L b is a landscape bookletmaker uniquely designed to produce wide books. These are becoming very popular with the photobook market. Naturally theses books are often glossy and slippery stocks which is where Horizon equipment and the superior paper handling stand out. 

This model is also modular and can be configured with collator towers, a high-output feeder, or both. Users can also order it with an inline face trimmer or slitter sections for books that are trimmed on all three sides.


The new FoldLiner takes an innovative, hybrid approach, combining saddlestitching and folding to go from digital or offset press sheet to saddlestiched booklet in one efficient system. 

The FoldLiner accomodates press sheets up to 40″, producing 8, 12 or 16-page booklets at speeds of up to 6,000 booklets per hour. 

The StitchLiner Series provides user-friendly operation, high productivity and versatility for on-demand production print, and trade bindery environments. Deliver the highest quality booklets with greater efficiency than ever before, click here to learn more about Horizon’s latest generation in saddlestitching.