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Get spot color matching right with Navigator Northstar

navigator-northstar-bannerGet spot color matching right with Navigator Northstar

Navigator Northstar is a Harlequin RIP and workflow package designed to “bolt on” to color printers lacking workflow tools and robust color correction capabilities. An alternative to print drivers or down-market RIPs, Navigator Northstar brings the professional level of color adjustment and control necessary to use these printers in a production environment where the final product (printed material) is sold.

What is Navigator Northstar?

Navigator Northstar combines a Navigator RIP, a two-client/one RIP workflow license, and a plug-in that will drive many Memjet-based printers, or the OKI 931/941 models.

The Navigator RIP communicates with the output device through a network connection, which means the printer can be physically located anywhere it’s convenient to the user. Since the workflow client software is compatible Mac or PC, the printer can be controlled from anywhere on the network.

Jobs are submitted to the RIP through the workflow’s drag-and-drop interface where the operator has an opportunity to select standard printing options such as rotation, copy count, halftone screening, and calibration.

However, Northstar deviates from the standard printer driver control by incorporating a professional color management tool which allows the operator to visually match spot colors on each individual job and adjust the color based on a series of printable swatches. The adjustments can be added to a library and used later (should the job repeat), or even on new jobs containing that particular color. Color accuracy can be achieved through built-in paper profiles, custom color profiles generated by the user, a global color change tool, or through a unique spot color matching routine that allows the user to visually adjust color accuracy on a job-by-job basis.


Navigator Northstar supports a number of printers that incorporate Memjet’s Northstar print head. A separate plug-in will also support the OKI 931/941 series of toner-based printers.

Printers who have already purchased an OKI 931/941 can add Navigator Northstar to instantly improve color accuracy and fidelity.

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Save Ink, Save Paper…Save Trees with KeySetter

Xitron KeySetter

Save Ink, Save Paper…Save Trees with KeySetter

In many printing companies, the digital workflow stops with plate imaging and in most shops, there is still a gap between the prepress workflow and the controls in the pressroom. Unfortunately, this means that the valuable capability to leverage prepress output data in order
to preset ink keys on-press remains unused. Existing proprietary connections often come with high investment costs so there is little incentive for many small to mid-sized companies to invest in the opportunity to achieve significant savings, better efficiency and greater quality. And because it minimizes waste… it saves trees!

The objective of the ink presetting system is to achieve uniform target density across the print as quickly as possible after startup. Xitron offers 3 different options, independent of the press manufacturer, for your customer:

  • CIP3 is a great addition to any prepress environment. CIP3 saves time and money by presetting the ink keys on press. Save labor, ink and paper all through one software solution. CIP3 saves wasted time by analyzing the same data used for printing plates and then shares that information with the press control system. (Requires a Xitron RIP or Workflow)
  • Automate ink key settings. Xitron’s KeySetter line has two product versions that are both designed to provide improvements to the pressroom’s efficiency by communicating ink coverage data directly to the press, reducing make-ready time and materials waste. Less time is spent getting up to color, which means more time printing. Available as a direct connection to the press, a console-compatible data file or a printed graphic chart, KeySetter can reduce your make-ready an average of 20-50% which increases your operating profit.
  • Xitron’s Ryobi Ink Saver package is designed to replace Ryobi’s Ink Volume Setter software, which reached end-of-life status several years ago. A low cost replacement for IVS users, Xitron’s Ryobi Ink Saver (RIS) creates ink key data in the format required by Ryobi presses. Similar in functionality to the industry standard CIP 3 PPF (print production file) format, RIS creates .DEM files that the Ryobi console understands and uses to preset ink keys prior to a press run. RIS is based on the Keysetter Pro platform and supports output to supported presses through a network connection or floppy disk exchange. Along with the .DEM files, a job thumbnail (preview) is also created and supplied to the press.

Click here to learn more about Xitron’s workflow and RIP solutions >>>

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Xitron Celebrates 40th Year

Xitron Celebrates 40th AnniversaryXitron Celebrates 40th Year as Provider of Prepress Independence

RIP, workflow, and interface developer reflects on history while charting future contributions to printing industry

Xitron, the leading independent developer of RIP and workflow products for commercial, digital, and high-speed inkjet printing has passed a milestone, now celebrating 40 years as a provider of prepress hardware and software to the printing industry. Xitron’s first products were “blue box” interfaces between newspaper editorial systems and high-speed laser imagesetters, first brought to market in 1977.

“Back then, our job was to provide technological independence to newspapers, allowing them to choose their editorial systems separately from their output systems,” said Karen Crews, President of Xitron. “As we mark our 40th year in the print industry, we continue to develop RIPs, workflow software, and hardware interfaces for commercial, newspaper, in-plant, flexo, screen printing, and high-speed digital output devices without binding our customers to any single vendor.”

Xitron’s business model has allowed them to place nearly 35,000 RIPs and over 20,000 CTP and imagesetter interfaces in printing companies on every continent. From Papua, New Guinea to Plainview, New York; Anchorage, Alaska to Cape Town, South Africa; Xitron continues to drive almost every output device used in print production today.

“This achievement really speaks to Xitron’s commitment of independence when it comes to a user’s prepress choices,” said Gary Fry, CEO of Global Graphics, authors of the Harlequin RIP. “Xitron has been a development partner since 1992, and, coincidentally, our anniversary with Xitron is a milestone in and of itself,” he continued. “We plan to honor our 25 year association with Xitron by presenting them with a special Silver Partner award at Print 2017 later this year.”

In advance of Print’s return to Chicago this September, several new products that build on Xitron’s commercial catalog are slated for release. Included in the line-up are Raster Blaster 4.0, which is an intelligent TIFF catcher for all supported CTP devices; B3, a new network-based interface that doesn’t require a computer platform; and a very economical USB/SCSI interface for legacy Fujifilm platesetters that (until now) could not be upgraded beyond Windows XP operating systems.

An upgrade to Xitron’s Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE)-based Sierra workflow is also planned, in cooperation with their Adobe development partner, FFEI, Ltd. “Xitron and FFEI have a relationship that began in 1999 with the Xenith workflow,” said Andy Cook, Managing Director of FFEI. “We’ve continued to work together through the introduction of Sierra using the Mercury RIP architecture introduced in APPE 3, with which Xitron has significantly impacted the high-end workflow market in the US.”

While continuing their successful approach of delivering alternative RIP and interface strategies to the commercial market, recent innovation in print technology has required Ms. Crews to keep one eye focused beyond traditional printing. This has fostered the development of color matching workflow software designed specifically for the needs of high-speed inkjet press manufacturers around the world.

“Staying relevant in a market whose technology moves as quickly as ours is not easy,” said Len Lauer, President and CEO of Xitron’s inkjet technology partner Memjet. “And yet, here they are, developing remarkable color RIP and workflow software for over half of Memjet’s OEMs. We’re looking forward to sustained expansion of this market with Xitron.”

“This is a very exciting time for Xitron and I have to thank our worldwide dealer organization and OEM customers for their contributions.” said Crews. “While being firmly entrenched in the traditional print landscape, we also have clear vision of the technological future of our products. Forty years of development have provided us with an excellent foundation to move forward with this industry.”

Driving CTP devices from Agfa, ECRM, Creo, Kodak, Presstek, Heidelberg, Fuji, and Screen, Xitron helps customers who want to maximize their investments by extending the life of their prepress systems. View Xitron products here!

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Label Expo 2014

Labelexpo Americas is the continent’s largest event for label, product decoration, web printing and converting industry.

With more products, more launches and more live demonstrations than any other event in our industry, there is no better place to see the latest technology in action.

Stop by and visit our vendors at Labelexpo Americas! Event will be held in Rosemont Illinois through September 9th and 11th. Located at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center.

Top Reasons to Visit the Label Expo

  • See live demonstrations of the latest machinery and materials.
  • Learn about global label trends and technologies.
  • Meet the world’s leading suppliers and network with industry experts

Xitron Booth #3823

Xitron products will be on display in no less than four booths when the show starts September 9th. Navigator F/P will make its North American debut in Xitron’s booth #3823, while Navigator Workflow will be shown as part of digital label systems manufactured by IPT Digital in booth #5611, Super Web Digital booth #1649, and Printware A&V booth #929. The widespread acceptance of Navigator Workflow reinforces its standing as an ideal product for this market segment.

Label Expo is a great opportunity to get a thorough demonstration of label and flexo prepress tools that match high end systems in features and functionality.

Colordyne Technologies Booth #6455

Visit Colordyne in booth #6455 as they introduce the 2600 Production Class series and unveil the 3600 Series press. The CDT-3600 Series joins the Production Class family of digital print systems solutions as a full-featured process color digital label and tag production system with an enhanced precision web handling system, powered by Memjet technology.

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