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Horizon CRF-362 Creaser Folder

Specialty Folding – CRF-362

Are you ready for the next generation in creasing and folding?

The Standard Horizon CRF-362 Creaser / Folder has been designed to handle the unique requirements of creasing and folding of digital color output across a wide range of light and heavy-weight stocks, coated or uncoated.

Specialty Folding - CRF-362 Creaser Folder

Crease and folding can be done in one pass for easy and accurate processing of a variety of applications such as restaurant menus, greeting cards, book covers, and marketing collateral.

CRF-362 Benefits Include:

Pre-Confirgured Patterns

The CRF-362 comes configured with 7 selectable fold patterns and 6 selectable cover creasing patterns for perfect binding including spine, hinge, and flap creasing.

Eliminate Image Cracking

Capable of up to 10 crease lines on a sheet, the system uses an impact scoring technology that eliminates or minimizes cracking of the stock or printed image.

Add-in Perforation

The CRF-362 can also easily handle perforations with the optional PRF-36 Perforation Unit

Easy Setup & Changeover

Set-up and changeovers – including fold pattern, creasing number, and up/down crease selection – can be easily achieved through the high resolution color touchscreen designed for simple and intuitive operation.

Broad Paper Range

The system can handle paper weights up to 400 gsm for creasing without folding (350 gsm with folding) and sheet sizes up to 14.33” x 34”.

For more information on Standard Horizon’s CRF-362 from Standard Horizon, please contact us at 810.238.7370 or click here!

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VIVA brings confidence to the production line

VIVA brings confidence to the production line

VIVAThe “VIVA” suite of vision-based inspection systems is custom-designed for document integrity and verification in production environments. The VIVA line can be deployed across a range of Standard Finishing Solutions to ensure quality control, tracking, and reporting of personalized documents.

VIVA Complete

“Standard wants customers who have invested in our vision and software systems to use it as often as possible, and to the fullest extent”. Dan Desmond, Standard VIVA Business Manager

VIVAbind Screen Shots

System status is indicated by colored backgrounds so any system message can be easily identified and resolved.

VIVA brings confidence to the production line

Operate as a stand-alone system or integrate into an existing production line. This versatility extends the life of legacy systems and can eliminate the need for replacement. Hardware design allows for easy integration with most systems.


The Standard Horizon AF-series can be equipped with VIVAfold cameras and softare to check all folded signatures.


Standard’s VIVAmail can be used on our Standard KAS inserting systems. The software can perform sheet and set level integrity as well as machine control and matching from other feeders.


The Standard Horizon HOF high-speed sheet-feeder and SP-series or SitchLiner saddlestitchers can be equipped with VIVAstitch software and cameras to perform sheet-level and set-level integrity checking.


The Standard Horizon BQ-470 or other perfect binders can be equipped with VIVAbind cameras and software to check that book blocks and book covers match.

VIVA tracking & reporting

Standard VIVA inspection systems ensure that the finished documents are produced in the same sequence as the data-file. The system can sort documents based upon sorting criteria, allowing the operator to easily bundle groups. As VIVA receives a reading, it pulls a record from the database to ensure against multiple processing of a single document. VIVA also saves every image read to a designated directory providing a valuable permanent record for future reference.

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Standard VAC-100 Finishing System

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Standard VAC-100 System Standard VAC-100 Finishing System

The SpeedVAC is a revolutionary collating and saddle-stitching system that brings profitability back to short runs. Each Standard Horizon system is designed for quick and easy set-up with changeovers offering square folds, accurate stitch alignment, and precise crossover registration.

Adding even more efficiency and productivity to the well-established VAC-100 is the 6-bin deep pile VAC-60H. This model can also be combined with a complete line of accessories for quality high-speed collating and booklet making. An easy-to-use, graphical user interface on the touch screen allows anyone in your production area to operate the system without any special skills or training. Misfeeding, double feeding and jamming are detected by opacity sensors on each bin and graphically illustrated for easy identification and quick resolution.

Horizon’s unique suction rotor feeding system can easily feed a wide variety of paper stocks at a maximum production speed of up to 9,720 sets in an hour.

Bring high levels of profitability back to your operation with the revolutionary SpeedVAC saddle-stitching system from Standard Horizon and your most reliable printing partner – Mid-State Litho.

For additional product information contact Mid-State Litho at 1-800-343-4321 or visit us online at www.midstatelitho.net

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Easily handle trimming of variable thickness books, one after another, for true on-demand book production.

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Perfect Binding & In-line 3-Knife Trimming



                                                      Perfect Binding & In-line 3-knife Trimming
Easily handles trimming of variable thickness books, one after another, for true on-demand book production.

For additional information, contact Mid-State Litho at 1-800-343-4231 or visit us online at www.midstatelitho.net