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OKI C931DPe: The most affordable digital printer

Introducing the OKI C931DPe!

Sometimes “simple” is all you need. Now you can print envelopes, letterhead, business cards and much more in-house. OKI’s Award Winning Digital Envelope Solutions give you high definition color output on a variety of different medias, that is waterproof and laser safe. The Multi-Media Input Feeder is easy to set up and load. With a straight-through paper path, it’s easier to run thicker stocks and prints are delivered straight up for immediate quality control.

The OKI C931DPe offers the same four-color digital envelope printing, but at a lower cost. OKI has simplified the envelope printing process when a conveyor is not needed. Don’t wait any longer to join thousands of print shops already working with OKI Digital Envelope Printers.

OKI C931DPe & Envelope Feeder
OKI C931DPe + Envelope Feeder

OKI’s C9 Envelope Feeder simplifies job setup, while delivery both high levels of production and reliability. It’s flexibility allows it to handle the broadest range of sizes and printing applications, from envelopes to double-sided brochures – all with no slow-down and in a single pass!

Start printing full-color envelopes in-house! View our product page below for additional product information!

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OKI Data Americas Announces Availability of the Revolutionary New Five-Color Digital Professional Series Device for Commercial Printing Applications

c942-bannerOKI Data Americas Announces Availability of the Revolutionary New Five-Color Digital Professional Series Device for Commercial Printing Applications

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J., October 27, 2015

The C942 is the fastest color-on-color production printer in the market1

OKI Data Americas announces availability of its latest device in the line of professional digital printing solutions developed for short-run, on-demand commercial applications. The new C942 is an innovative five-color A3/tabloid device with single pass CMYK+White printing, expansive media handling capabilities and impressive output speed. This game-changing device allows users to expand beyond regular full color printing on white paper to bold color-on-color printing on transparent or colored media.

Designed for businesses looking to expand their production capabilities, the C942 provides state-of-the-art solutions including white printing on an array of substrates. This device uses micro-fine toner offering heightened color density and saturation, and features OKI’s proprietarySingle Pass Color™ printing technology for enhanced speed and accuracy.

Highlights of the C942 include:

  • CMYK+White printing in a single pass
  • Easily prints vibrant, full color on dark, colored and transparent media
  • Speeds of up to 50 ppm monochrome/color for CMYK jobs, and up to 45 ppm for output including CMYK+White2
  • 1200 dpi LED printheadsHandles an impressive range of media including polyester, heavyweight cardstock up to 360 gsm, plus banners up to 52” in length
  • New white toner with increased densityStandard duplexing capabilities
  • Small footprint A3 production quality device

The C942 provides an opportunity to generate new revenue streams by bringing improved production capabilities in-house. The C942 can produce unique output including polyester door hangers, retail signage, greeting cards and invitations, as well as envelopes. Ideal for companies in the pay-for-print space, the C942 affordably delivers exceptional versatility and productivity.

“OKI Data Americas is pleased to make the C942 professional series digital color printer available to the graphic arts and specialty printing market,” said Rich Egert Vice President of New Global Business Development for OKI Data Americas. “With the fastest color-on-color print speeds in its class, OKI is proud to bring this revolutionary new production device to market, providing competitive advantages to users along with the opportunity to create new and recurring revenue streams.”

OKI Data products are built on parent company OKI Data Corporation’s history of leadership and innovation. Most of OKI Data’s color printing solutions feature Single Pass Color as well as proprietary digital LED and HD Color technologies. These technologies allow OKI Data Americas to manufacture products that require fewer moving parts for increased reliability and outstanding color output quality.

OKI provides live3 toll-free technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, with agents based in North America. In addition, OKI Data live chat feature is available to customers within the US and Canada seeking online support on weekdays during normal business hours within the Eastern time zone.

Single Pass Color T.M. and design Reg. T.M. OKI Data Corp.
OKI, Reg. OKI Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
proColor T.M., OKI Data Americas.
ColorPainter is a trademark of OKI Data Infotech Corporation.
[1] The C942 is the only 50 ppm and under device in its class based on price-point.
[2] Published performance results based on laboratory testing. Individual results may vary.
[3] Available in the U.S. and Canada.


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OKI Data to Demonstrate the C931e at the NBWA

OKI Data to Demonstrate the C931e at the NBWA

OKI C931e Multimedia Printer

OKI Data will be participating in the National Beer Wholesalers Association’s (NBWA) 78th Annual Convention and Trade Show taking place on October 11 – 14, 2015 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV. OKI will be demonstrating its printing services for the wholesale beverage industry, and the ways merchandisers and distributors can reduce costs and improve processes through the integration of in-house, on-demand printing solutions.

The C931e offers production quality, HD color output, fast print speeds, and impressive media handling capabilities including polyester, envelopes, banners and heavyweight cardstock up to 360 gsm. The C931e has the ability to print the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) mandated keg collar labels, streamlining the distribution process and benefiting brewers and wholesales alike. The C931e features microfine toner for superior coverage, higher imprint density, color consistency and high-quality finish. Providing a variety of on-demand solutions to bring printing in-house and help wholesalers lower operating costs.

Click here for additional information on the OKI C931e.

Press Release Provided by OKI Data Americas. Click here to access the the full article.

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How Printing Technology is Changing School Districts

How Printing Technology is Changing School Districts

By Terry Cruikshank

By integrating new printer technology, schools are realizing greater efficiencies and cost savings both inside and outside the classroom. Creative projects are finding a new home in schools with the ability to print in clear and white, and banner printing capabilities. Some projects previously requiring outsourcing can now be completed in-house.

Present-day schools can do much more than just make copies. In today’s tech-driven world, new printer technology allows schools to create in-house “print shops” (or communication centers as they are often called) delivering outputs such as invitations, envelopes and banners. In addition, programs, labels, posters and more can be quickly and efficiently created for theater, sporting events and other school activities. Students and faculty are excited and intrigued by the color options and collaborative projects they can create together right in their building.

Not only are the advantages to new printing capabilities creative, they’re practical too. They eliminate wasted time and the need to outsource certain materials on a regular basis.

Check out the photo below to see some samples of projects that can be printed using a “print shop” with the OKI C911dn. The possibilities are endless!


Terry Cruikshank
Senior Marketing Manager
Thursday, June 11, 2015

Article Provided by OKI Data Americas

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Genuine OKI Toner

Genuine OKI Toner

OKI develops and makes its own consumables to ensure the best performance from our printers. While there seems to be many choices of replacement consumable for OKI® toner-based printers—including some from non-printer companies—only one brand is recommended for use in our machines: genuine OKI toner.

Microfine Spherical Toner

In the mid 1990s, OKI introduced a revolutionary new type of toner for theirmonochrome page printer engines.


Traditionally, a crushing/grinding process was used to produce the fine toner powder to be used in the electrophotographic printing process (see image at top right). OKI understood that this process led to some disadvantages to the printer user:

  • Jagged edges of the toner particles allowed the toner to form on the paper in poor image quality (creating a “dusting” effect)
  • Scattering effect that was visible at edges of lines and characters, due to the movement of the rough edged toner during the process

To overcome these deficiencies, OKI developed Microfine Spherical Toner. A chemical process is used, producing smooth round particles about one-tenth the size of traditional toner (see image at top left).

The advantages were immediately clear.

  • Virtually no toner scatter
  • Sharper, crisper characters (even visible to the naked eye)

Low-Melt Formulation

As users’ printing demands increase and printers are required to print at higher speeds, the toner must be heat/pressure fused to the paper in ever shortening times. This means fusing at higher temperatures and therefore higher printer power consumption.

OKI’s commitment to preserving the environment dictated that OKI engineering should develop a low melting temperature toner to overcome this problem. A unique special toner was created. To stop the low temperature toner surface fusing and coagulating during storage, each individual toner particle is encapsulated in a polymer shell to preserve the integrity and free-flow characteristics of the compound. OKI can now continue to produce printers that use no extra power to fuse the toner to the paper thus preserving the environment.

As a by-product of this development, the user gets:toner-sphere

  • Faster printing as the printer takes less time to warm up
  • No additional/less energy consumption – more environmentally friendly
  • Noise reduction in some of our printers due to absence of a fan

Mid-State Litho, Inc. is your authorized dealer for Genuine OKI Data Supplies and Consumables. For additional information, visit us online at www.midstatelitho.net or contact us directly. 

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LED Technology

LED Technology

OKI has pioneered the development and use of LED technology in printing for over 20 years. LED or Light Emitting Diode/Device is the type of light source used in the electrophotographic printing method for most of our printers.

LED printheads use an array containing multiple LEDs and the LEDs individually turn on and off according to print signals.

Conventional LEDs have a two-terminal structure comprised of an anode and a cathode. In a technology made possible by Epi Film Bonding, the new LED array features a three-terminal structure comprised of an anode, cathode, and gate, adding switching capabilities to the conventional LED function of emitting light. The new LEDs reduce the number of wires required in the chip and reduce chip width by 22%. They also make it possible to deploy a single power line on the substrate on which LEDs are mounted, halving the number of substrates used.

OKI was the world’s first company to achieve high-volume production of LED printheads based on this new technology. All future LED products will incorporate this new LED printhead.

LED Printhead Advantages

  • Smaller dot sizes create highly accurate output
  • Multi-level shading provides superior print quality and clarity
  • LEDs have no moving parts and are ultra reliable
  • LED is smaller and more compact, using fewer material resources and energy

LED vs. Laser

Laser systems rely on elaborate combinations of rotating mirrors and lenses that must remain in alignment through use. The laser scans from one end of a line to another, then zig-zags down to the next line.LED technology uses a Light Emitting Diode printhead as a light source within the imaging device. Unlike laser systems, the LED printhead is solid-state and has no moving parts. The LED bar pulse-flashes across the entire page width and creates the image on the print drum as it moves down.

OKI also has a straight-line paper path (Single Pass Color) that’s less susceptible to jams when feeding heavy stock, envelopes or labels.

LED technology is the future. We’re so sure of this that we guarantee the printhead of every OKI page printer for five full years — by far the longest warranty in the industry!

See a comparison of the complex steps required for laser printing versus the single step required for OKI’s Dgital LED printing.

LED Dot-Size Precision

With 1200 dpi (dots per inch) print resolution, a printer should place 1200 dots/spots, precisely printed at 25 micrometers apart (on center). However, while a 1200 dpi LED printer can produce a 25 micrometer dot/spot, a 1200 dpi laser printer can only produce a 65 micrometer dot/spot. This translates to greater print quality when using LED technology. See the animation at right for a quick demonstration of this comparison.

Multi-level vs. Bi-level Printing

Traditional laser printers apply dots using two levels of intensity: 100% black or 100% white. Dots are grouped together (creating halftone cells) to simulate levels of grey. This is referred to as bi-level printing.By contrast, our multi-level LED printing technology can produce different levels of intensity. This produces up to 16 shades or tones in the range between black and white. This is similar to the effect you get when replacing a standard light switch with a dimmer switch.

Multi-level Technology delivers more shades of grey or color within the same size halftone cell. This results in a higher level of detail and greater color depth, another great feature from OKI.


For additional information on OKI Data equipment, please contact our office or visit us online at www.midstatelitho.net. 

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OKI C900 Series

Introducing the NEW OKI C900 SeriesOKI Data C900 Series

Article Provided by OKI Data Americas, Inc.

OKI Data Americas announces a new category of digital printing technology with the introduction of its Multimedia Production Platform – a series of production-quality A3 color devices with innovative features and functionality that will revolutionize the office and commercial printing industries, alike. These new devices go far beyond the capabilities of traditional digital color printers, adding game-changing media handling that includes transparent media, magnets, banners and heavyweight cardstock – all within a single, compact unit. By defining this new space within the market, OKI further establishes itself as a leader in LED digital printing innovation.

Within the Multimedia Production Platform is the innovative new C900 Series. This latest series of groundbreaking digital color products includes three new A3 models – one of which features an industry-first LED five station toner configuration that supports white or clear spot color printing capabilities. All were developed to meet a wide range of graphic arts and commercial printing needs.

“OKI is excited to announce its pioneering new Multimedia Production Platform. We are re-defining LED digital color printing by introducing a new category of devices that can handle a truly impressive range of media,” said Carl Taylor, Vice President of Marketing for OKI Data Americas. “A key to the enhanced performance of these new OKI devices is our proprietary Single Pass Color technology which allows for faster print speeds, superior color resolution and registration, and expanded media handling capabilities.”

One of the benefits of OKI’s new Multimedia Production Platform is the users’ ability to expand input and output capabilities with the addition of an optional EFI Fiery XF server, feeders, stackers and other supplemental hardware for use with certain devices.

The new C900 Series units from OKI  includes the C911dn, C931dn, and C941dn, offering best in class high-definition color print quality, high volume productivity and diverse media handling abilities at a low running cost. Features include print speeds of up to 50 pages per minute1 and toner yields of up to 38,000 pages, delivering fast, reliable and cost-effective output. Handling a recommended monthly print volume of 25,000 pages, the C900 Series meets the needs of large, demanding workgroups.

These new printers further underscore OKI’s technological leadership and ability to deliver innovative, high functioning, and high quality printing solutions to an evolving marketplace.

The revolutionary new C941dn LED digital color printer features a five station toner configuration with cyan, magenta, yellow and black, plus white or clear in the fifth position; this provides an expansive new world of printing capabilities and revenue-generating opportunities. In fact, the C941dn from OKI is the first LED printer in its class to offer white or clear spot color printing and other productivity-enhancing capabilities, and is available with an EFI Fiery XF server.

Similarly, the C931dn digital color printer supports an optional EFI Fiery XF server. Designed for large workgroups and office use, the C931dn offers full color, high resolution printing capabilities, and handles a wide range of media for maximum output flexibility at a low total cost of ownership (TCO). In fact, the TCO for the C931dn is 25 percent lower versus comparable models.

The C911dn offers improved speed, print quality and performance over its predecessor. As with all C900 Series models, the C911dn features a more robust chassis, improved user interface featuring a high resolution color LCD display, and higher capacity toners for a low cost per page.

Taylor continued, “These new production-grade printers from OKI bring on-demand color printing capabilities in-house, and are ideal for companies that require high-quality output, media handling flexibility, and color consistency.”

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