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IDEAL – Did you know?

IDEAL - Did you know?

IDEAL – Did you know?

Nothing can replace a walk in the forest, at the seaside, or in the mountains, and nothing is more important than clean and fresh air to breathe. But how can this work in your everyday professional life? Professional air purifiers create a non-polluted environment, where people feel well in a natural way. For more productivity and performance.

Nature’s self-cleaning. The interaction of plants and sun provide us pure air to breathe. Plants, and above all, tress filter harmful particles form the air, sunlight supports the reduction of pollutants from the atmosphere.

Cleaning of indoor air. IDEAL air purifiers help to improve the air in you room or office. People who can breathe clean and healthy indoor air fall ill less often and are more efficient. Good clean air with no pollutants is attainable with IDEAL’s air purifiers.

IDEAL’s Air Purifiers for Healthy Indoor Air…

  • A True HEPA Filter (Class H13) binds up to 99,97% of all airborne fine dust and ultra-small particles up to 0.3 microns; highly effective in the removal of mold, bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust mites, microbes, and allergens
  • Cigarette smoke and even chemical fumes and odors are also filtered
  • Purified and ionized air is a simple and natural principle with refreshing results:
    • a vitalizing effect on the mind and body
    • strengthening the immune system
    • protects against cell damage and premature aging process
    • protects against fatigue and diseases
  • Ideally suited for:
    • offices
    • bedrooms
    • medical practices
    • and wherever you are looking for IDEAL indoor air

IDEAL Air Purifiers are available for room sizes ranging from 150 square feet to 1,000 square feet. For additional information on IDEAL’s Air Purifiers, visit us online by clicking here!

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MBM Introduces a NEW Hard Drive Shredder

MBM Introduces a NEW Hard Drive ShredderThe NEW MBM “HDS” quickly and efficiently destroys hard drives, optical media, and assorted electronic devices including smart phones.

Specially designed for office environments. Destroys up to 8 standard size hard drives per minute. Produces a 1 1/2 inch particle size. Integrated HEPA filter. Automatic reverse feature prevents jams.

Safety feed chute keeps the operator’s hands away from the cutting chamber and prevents particle “fly-back.”Automatic power cut-off when collection bin is full or when cabinet door is opened. Quiet operation. 2 year warranty on all parts, excluding wearables.

Quick Overview:

  • Particle size: 38 mm x random
  • Maximum drive thickness: 1″
  • Feed opening: 4 1/2″ x 1 1/2″
  • Performance: 500 pieces per hour (approx.)
  • Security level: 0-5
  • Shred volume: 20 pounds
  • Electrical requirements: 120 V (20 amp. dedicated line required)
  • Maximum horsepower: 1
  • Dimensions (D x W x H): 21″ x 45″ x 46″
  • Shipping weight: 875 lbs.

Additional information available online, CLICK HERE.
The HDS is in stock and ready to ship!

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MSL – Used Equipment!

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Ideal 4850-95 Triumph CutterThis offer won’t last long! The Ideal Triumph Papercutter 4850-95 is a 1-time and 1-machine offer.

The Ideal Triumph Papercutter 4850-95 features a hinged, transparent electronically controlled front safety guard; transparent safety cover on rear table; main switch and safety lock with key; electronically controlled, true two-hand operation; automatic clamp return from every position; disc brake for instant blade stop; blade and cutting stick can be changed without removing covers; blade changing device covers cutting edge of blade; blade depth adjustment from outside of machine, and more.

For additional equipment information contact Mid-State Litho at 1-800-343-4231.

*Information is subject to change at anytime and without notice. For more detailed and accurate product description, contact Mid-State Litho at sales@midstatelitho.net or at 1-800-343-4231