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The award-winning JETvarnish 3D takes digital spot UV coating to a new dimension, featuring increased throughput for flat spot UV jobs and amazing 3D raised effects.

Ideal for operations with offset and digital presses up to 52 x 105 cm format, the JETvarnish 3D is the perfect solution for 3D or traditional flat spot UV coating on runs from one to thousands.

Open the doors to digital embossing and hot foil stamping with your JETvarnish 3D and iFOIL solution.

Through a revolutionary digital process, the iFOIL eliminates the need for films, dies and make-ready, allowing you to produce hot foil stamping and embossing jobs from one to thousands of sheets with both very high profitability and ease of use.

From magazine covers, books, brochures, labels, to invitations and packaging, offer new services and exceptional benefits to your customers.

The JETvarnish 3D “T2” (Twin Head) and iFOIL module duo will be running live production demonstrations at the MGI Booth #3013 at Graph Expo. An in-line complement to the innovative JETvarnish ED UV spot coater, the iFOIL module opens doors to endless digital embossing and hot foil stamping solutions.

In addition to the JETvarnish 3D “T2” and iFOIL pair, MGI will have their Meteor line of digital presses.

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The Perfect Pair Unite

The Perfect Pair Unite: The iFOIL Module has Arrived at MGI USA

MGI Oscars iFOIL GoldMELBOURNE, FL, USA (July 8th, 2014) – MGI Digital Graphic Technology is pleased to announce that the iFOIL hot foil stamping module has arrived at the MGI USA Headquarters and is demo ready.

The in-line complement to the innovative JETvarnish 3D UV spot coater, the iFOIL module opens doors to endless digital embossing and hot foil stamping solutions. Through a revolutionary digital process, the iFOIL makes hot foiling easy – requiring no plates, no dies and no make-ready. Thus allowing users to produce hot foil stamping and embossing jobs from one to thousands of sheets on the fly.

Utilizing not only visual elegance, but tactile excitement, the JETvarnish 3D and iFOIL module make the perfect pair. The duo can take print jobs to the next levels, adding luxury to everything from magazine covers, books, brochures, labels to invitations and packaging. Taking personalization to the next level, the iFOIL allows for the personalization of embossed hot foil, a never before seen finish.

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Decorative Choice

Decorative Choice by Way of New Processes
By Jeff Peterson, Executive Director, Foil & Specialty Effects Association

Over the last several years, a great deal has changed in how the printed sheet can be enhanced and protected through specialty decorating processes. Technological advancements in the cold foil process, new specialty UV processes, and laser cutting technology are just part of what is now available to create spectacular designs that can stand on their own or enhance printed material such as cartons, greeting cards, invitations, folders, and much more.

Sheetfed Cold Fold Technology

Although cold foil is not brand new to the marketplace, the technology to apply it has become more reliable and has become very popular in the narrow-web flexographic market for label applications. Where it has seen more recent growth has been with the application of cold foil in-line with large-format sheetfed presses. This technology utilizes a tacky adhesive that is applied in the first printing head of a sheetfed printer. The foil is nipped to the adhesive and the foil carrier is stripped away, thereby applying the foil only where the clear adhesive is laid down. Press manufacturers are offering this technology on new presses and there are retrofit units on the market for existing presses.

The print finisher/foil stamper may look at this process as a competitive one to conventional foil stamping, but in reality it has much more of an effect on metalized board or paper. The cost of applying the cold foil to a standard carton stock and then overprinting the foil can be much more cost effective than using a metalized board for many applications. For applications where foil is utilized in just certain areas of the sheet or carton, even if overprinting is involved, traditional methods of hot stamping the foil and then overprinting is more cost effective. Applying cold foil in-line on a sheetfed press is best suited for coated stocks and does not perform as well on dry, porous stocks.

It must be pointed out that cold foil technology does not provide the overall brilliance that can be achieved with applying foil through traditional hot stamping methods. So there are limitations that will continue to keep traditional foil stamping a viable option for many applications.

Specialty Coating and Films

UV coatings, both spot and flood, have been a popular choice for adding a protective shine to all types of printed materials. Recently, extensions to standard UV have surfaced, providing even more choices to enhance the printed sheet. One of these newer technologies is a process called Cast and Cure or film casting. This technology creates diffractive surfaces to produce high-gloss, matte, and holographic finishes with the use of UV coatings and specialty film and can be utilized on both sheetfed and web-fed applications.

The film casting process utilizes a specialty film that has micro-embossed holographic pattern. Once the UV coating is applied, the film lays over the top of the sheet before the coating is cured. Then the sheet with the film still applied runs through the UV dryer and is cured. The film is stripped away, leaving the holographic effect on the sheet. Because there is no actual transfer of a foil or material on to the substrate, the film can be reused several times before new film is needed.

In addition, there is now an array of specialty UV coatings available that can be applied with standard off-line UV coating equipment. These coatings included raised (embossed) UV that applies a heavy pattern (up to 5 mils) to the printed image. It provides both a visual and “special feel” to a printed piece. There are also glitter UV coatings where small metallic flakes can be added to the coating, providing a unique look and an alternative to the conventional glitter process. Thermochromic UV coatings that change colors with temperature change, as well as texture, pearlescent, and even glow-in-the-dark coatings are available.

A new digital process for applying UV has splashed onto the scene that applies the coating through a digital inkjet process versus traditional coating techniques. This technology can apply a flat UV or “raised embossed” spot UV effect to all types of printed materials, including stationary, brochures, greeting cards, folding cartons, and more. The process provides an economical UV solution for short to medium-sized runs and works well for digitally printed materials.JetVarnish 3D

Laminating films have seen many changes over the past few years as well. Films are no longer relegated solely to clear films used for protecting printed materials. Laminating films are now available in many metallic and holographic patterns that can be overprinted or foil stamped. Clear iridescent films are also available, providing a unique appearance when tilted from side to side. They are completely translucent, allowing graphics and text to show through and still provide a unique pattern with the film. Laminating films are an excellent choice when wanting to combine protection with a colorful enhancement. Depending on the application, the ability to provide rigidity to a printing piece in different thicknesses is one of the big advantages that laminating films offer over other decorating processes.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting continues to grow as a decorative alternative and can provide extremely intricate cutout shapes and graphics. The technology has grown and costs have decreased, making laser cutting a more feasible option for greeting cards, stationary, packaging applications, and promotional mailings. Although laser cutting is making inroads into functional diecutting applications, especially in the digital arena, it is not a preferred process or competing process to standard diecutting. If a shape or printed sheet can be diecut conventionally, that is still the best option, especially in larger quantities. Laser cutting is an excellent choice to provide extremely detailed cuts for decorative purposes and is most cost effective for small-to medium-sized runs. The running speed for a laser cutting job can run from 200 to 2,000 sheets per hour, depending on the job requirements.

Currently, most laser cutting is done by specific companies specializing in the process that work closely with print finishers or packaging houses. However, as the cost of the machinery and technology decreases, adding laser cutting services through print finishers will begin to become a more viable option in the future.


Today, a multitude of effects and processes are available as enhancements to printing or as a standalone decorative processes. There are now a variety of high-visibility effects and finishing techniques to explore and to offer to customers-whether providing it themselves or working together with partners to provide the finished product. The key in today’s market and particularly in the current economic items is to offer a variety of services, including new innovative solutions for the customer.




JetVarnish 3D

MGI Breaks 3D Spot UV Coating Speed Record

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The “Twin” option also doubles coating thickness up to 200 microns in a single pass


IVRY-SUR-SEINE, FRANCE (June 10, 2013) – MGI Digital Graphic Technology, the leading manufacturer of digital printing and finishing solutions, will premiere the world’s fastest digital inkjet spot UV coater, the JETvarnish 3D with the new “Twin” option at Graphitec, held in Paris (Porte de Versailles) June 11-14, 2013 (hall 4, stand D015).

JETvarnish 3D: setting the new PRODUCTION SPEED RECORD for 3D spot UV coating
With the introduction of the “Twin” option, speeds for 3D spot UV coating with raised effects are doubled compared to the standard JETvarnish 3D configuration. MGI’s exclusive inkjet technology features a fixed head configuration, producing the new speed boost in just one pass while maintaining precise registration.

The JETvarnish 3D “Twin” option can apply 3D raised effects at speeds up to 2,234 12×18” sheets per hour, making it the fastest digital raised coating device available today. It also doubles the amount of coating that can be applied in one pass to a maximum of 200 microns, opening up new markets such as Braille.

These gains in speed and productivity are ideally suited to higher volume applications for both printers and trade finishers.

In the standard configuration, the JETvarnish 3D can spot UV coat up to 3,000 B2/20×29” sheets per hour and features a maximum format size of 52×105 cm / 20×42”, ideal for extended size offset applications.

The JETvarnish 3D “Twin” option will be presented for the first time in live demonstration at the Graphitec tradeshow in Paris. Beginning in fall 2013, it will be available from initial unit purchase or as a field upgrade to existing JETvarnish 3D units.

As one of the largest exhibitors at Graphitec (250m2), MGI will present their full lineup of innovative digital printing and finishing solutions, including several other new equipment previews.

JETvarnish 3D inline hot foil option (preview)
In combination with MGI’s 100% digital process, the new inline option allows printers and trade finishers to apply hot foil inline with an “embossed” look and feel, giving finished pieces a high value for a fraction of the traditional cost.

Nova UV (preview)
A flood UV coater designed to work inline with MGI Meteor digital presses, the Nova UV can also serve as a stand-alone unit.

MGI will also present the flagship Meteor series of digital presses, featuring the Meteor DP8700 XL (paper, plastics & envelopes, plus sheet sizes up to 330×1020 mm/ 13×40” in production) and Meteor DP8700 S (paper and envelopes), both of which operate at speeds up to 4,260 A4/letter pages per hour.

For more information about this article, please visit http://www.mgiusa.com / www.mgi-fr.com .

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MGI Premiere of JETvarnish 3D

MGI Premiere of JETvarnish 3D


MELBOURNE, FLA (May 7, 2013) – MGI Digital Graphic Technology, the leading manufacturer of multi-substrate digital printing and finishing solutions, will hold the Asia Pacific premiere of the JETvarnish 3D inkjet spot UV coater at China Print 2013, held May 14-18 in Beijing.

MGI is exhibiting at China Print with their local partner Wilson, a leader in the Chinese graphic equipment market. Together, MGI and Wilson will feature the JETvarnish 3D in live operation in booth E2-200 along with the flagship Meteor DP8700 XL digital press.

JETvarnish 3D inkjet spot UV coater

The award-winning JETvarnish 3D builds on the worldwide commercial success of the JETvarnish inkjet spot UV coater, giving graphics professionals a dual set of digital tools to maximize profitability – traditional spot UV coating and new 3D raised effects, together for the first time in one production unit.

The JETvarnish 3D features spot UV coating at speeds up to 3,000 B2/20 x 29″ sheets per hour and new 3D raised effects up to 100 microns in thickness. These beautiful tactile effects allow end users to differentiate their brands and add a new dimension of visual appeal to a wide range of projects, such as book covers, brochures, business cards, pocket folders, postcards, packaging, photo books, greeting cards, announcements and more. The JETvarnish 3D’s 100% digital operation requires no plates, screens or expensive makeready, perfect for runs from one to thousands or more.

Other key features include sheet sizes up to 20×42”, full variable data capabilities, MGI’s ARC camera system that ensures precise registration to printed pages, plus 3D effects compatibility with most digital or offset prints with no lamination required.

While China Print is the official Asia Pacific premiere of the JETvarnish 3D, installations have already been going on in the region for several months.

JETvarnish 3D Image

Meteor DP8700 XL multi-substrate digital press

The most versatile digital press in the global graphics market, the flagship Meteor DP8700 XL offers users key differentiators including the widest range of substrates (paper, plastics & envelopes), the largest sheet size among production sheetfed digital presses (up to 40″ in production), laser-safe prints via oil-free, dry toner, no click charge and an economical total cost of operation.

For more information, please visit http://www.mgiusa.com / www.mgi-fr.com .

About the MGI Group

The MGI Group is composed of MGI Digital Graphic Technology, headquartered in Paris (Ivry-sur-Seine), France, and KÖRA-PACKMAT, located in Villingendorf, Germany.

Founded in 1982, MGI Digital Graphic Technology designs, manufactures and markets a full and innovative range of award-winning digital presses and a complete line of versatile finishing solutions.

MGI has a portfolio comprised of several thousand customers in a wide range of sectors, including graphic industry professionals, Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies, plastic card manufacturers, silk screeners and photo labs.

A leader in the professional graphic equipment market, MGI is registered on the Euronext Paris Alternext stock exchange (ALMDG). They received the prestigious OSEO “Innovative Company” & “OSEO Excellence” labels respectively in 2009 & 2012 in recognition of their expertise and innovation in the graphics & finishing industry. In addition, MGI has won thirteen international product awards from 2008-2012 related to technological innovation, including the 2010 Siemens Innovation Grand Prix and the 2011 Engineering Prize for their color inkjet technology.

MGI USA, based in Melbourne, Florida, is MGI’s fully owned subsidiary that services the North and South American, Caribbean and Asia Pacific markets.

KÖRA-PACKMAT is an industrial manufacturing company which specializes in the development of offset sub-systems. With four business units that cover feeding systems, paper transport systems, film wrapping machines & ultrasonic sealing systems, KÖRA-PACKMAT has a worldwide presence that is represented through a network of distributors and a subsidiary based in Singapore.


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