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Be Profitable with BAUM Pile & Continuous Feed Folders

Be Profitable with Baum Pile & Continuous Feed Folders

Be Profitable with Baum Pile & Continuous Feed Folders

Now is the time to help ensure your profitability. In our 2nd enews of this series, we remind you of the profitability that comes with great equipment.baum-20-comp_4

Pile & Continuous Feed Folders Keep Your Project Moving

The Baum 20 PFF and Bum 20 CFF series folders can make you more profitable by using our latest technologies:

  • Exclusive Baum ifold touch screen technolgy with maintenance reminders
  • “How to” set up screens
  • Job memory storage capability
  • Minimal maintenance due to the latest designs
  • Easy setup and loading of equipment
  • Paperless roller gapsets

For more ideas on feeding your profitability contact our product specialists. 

Rebuild Your Baum 714 for Profitable Production 

Our kits are a great way to rebuild your trusty Baumfolder 714 back to factory specifications. We use the same genuine Baumfolder parts made from the original prints and used in the production of our new 714’s.

Here are some of the items included in our kit: 

  • Toner release urethane fold rolls
  • Gears
  • Bearings and shims
  • Stacker tapes
  • Drive belts
  • Feed and retard tires (friction feed models)
  • Sucker tires (A & B versions)
  • Sheet detect tab (air feed models)
  • Pull out tires

Get your folder back in top running condition. Your MSL Service Department is ready to help! Contact us today for additional information and pricing.

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New Features for the Baum 20 Series Folders

Are you in the market for a New Floor Model Folder?
Check Out the New Features for the Baum 20 Series Folders:

1. New Paperless Roller Gapsets! No need to tear stripes of paper. The new control informs you where to turn each dial to the proper setting per roller. Adjustment knobs are located across the top of the folder frames for easy reach. Operator does not have to walk around machine for setup. Baum knobs are easier to use than pressing levers and inserting strips of paper.

2. New Baum iFold Tutorial is now standard feature on the Baum 20 PFF and CFF models. The Baum 20 PFF and CFF “Informates” the folding process! You can spend a lot on automation and still have to know how to load paper and still make those minor manual adjustments that automation cannot provide. The Baum iFold bridges the gap between a manual folder with no imformaiton and an automated folder by providing information!

3. New Extended Mobile Delivery Stacker that has 33% more collection length than previous Baum 20 Series Folders enabling longer collection times.

4. New Mobility Kit is Standard on the Mobile Delivery Stacker. Previous Baum 20 series stackers were standard as a hang-on delivery stacker. This makes the transition of moving the delivery stacker back and forth from the 1sat station to the 2nd or 3rd station much easier by simply rolling the mobile stacker to its location. The mobile kit also includes an adjustable height settings to enable better shingling/stacking of products that may tend to want to spring open as they exit the folder.

5. New Micro-Adjust Paperstop setting for all active fold plates. Now those very small incremental fold length changes are easier to achieve using the NEW micrometer knob settings that were not available on previous Baum 20 series folders.

6. New Variable Batch within a Batch feature  standard on the BAUM 20 PFF and CFF models. Enables you to have a full load on the feeder and program multiple batches of different quantities to be folded one after another.

7. NEW Touch-Screen Control Panel with colored pictographs and easy to navigate control screens.A very user friendly control screen that enables more information and control of the folding process than ever before.

8. NEW Optional AccuSlit Kit for better control for sheet slitting

9. NEW Optional Perf/Slit/Perf Kit for multiple-up applications

10. NEW Optional Stream Separator Table for 2-up and or sheet acceleration applications

11. NEW Optional Register Gluing Kit for LH edge gluing on the 1st station folder.

Contact us today for additional information on the Baum 20 folders. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Best Kept Secret in Folding 2

Best Kept Secret in Folding, Part II | By Doug Barrett

If you are folding digital print, automation is a must. In the old days when folding offset work you had a nice stack of set up stock you could use to set up your folder. That is not the case with digital. I cannot tell you how many times I see a printer waste 50-100 sheets to get a fold just right on a 50-100 sheet run. The difference with digital is that the 50-100 thrown away for set up cost exactly the same as the ones that were delivered. Chances are you had to go back to the print engine to run more to complete the count due to waste.

The price of an automated folder is higher but the cost of ownership and production is far lower. When doing super short runs the setup time and waste is more critical than the run. When doing fold jobs that are 500 or less the set up can be far longer than the run on a manual folder. With long print runs that were folded, you sold folding time and included or charged a fee for setup. In today’s digital print world you are selling the setup not the running of the job. A really good folder operator might be able to set up a trifold in 5-10 minutes plus a few sheets of waste and then the folder will run for 5 minutes while the 500 sheets are run.

That same job on a Horizon folder will be set up and tweaked in about 2 minutes maximum with no more than 1 or 2 sheets of set up waste. Then the machine will run the job in 5 minutes. Complicated folds on manual folders can take hours to dial in and a lot of skill that only experienced folder operators have. I can teach anyone to easily dial in complicated folds using the touch screen interface and the tools that Horizon gives you.

You can buy a manual folder for about half of the price of fully automated. It is very difficult for buyers to understand that they should spend the extra money for automation. They look at the price and say, “I can set up a lot of jobs for the extra money.” That is true to a point but these machines will last 20 years. Every day that you use the automation you will be paid back with time savings and the near elimination of waste of expensive digital output for complicated fold set ups. Horizon folders are “time machines”, I say that because every time your operator touches the Horizon you get paid back for your intelligent investment in an automated folder.

This is a pure case of  the price of the machine being higher but in the long run being the lowest cost of ownership and operation. When I say higher priced I am comparing Horizon to competitive manual folders. If you compare apples to apples the Horizon will be more automated and be less money.  None of the other folder manufacturers even have the same degree of automation that Horizon folders have.

Don’t get caught up in the big names of the past, those guys don’t come close to Horizon and what they bring to the market today. When you buy from the traditional folder manufacturers you are buying the name. When you buy Horizon you are getting the ultimate in automation and that pays you back every time you turn it on.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself!

set up in as little as 14 seconds


Designed for commercial printers, in-plant printers, and binderies, the Standard Horizon AF Series Floor Model Folders include advanced set-up automation, including gap settings, through a user-friendly color touch-screen control panel. Up to two hundred different jobs can be stored in memory with set-ups accomplished in as little as fourteen seconds. Precise stepper motors drive end stops and fold plates to the exact location for the sheet size and fold style selected.

Consistent Fold Quality

AF Folders ensure consistent fold quality with steel and soft-formed polyurethane combination rollers.

Reliable and High Speed

An advanced rotary suction-feed system guarantees fast, smooth feeding of a very wide range of stocks.



The AF-406A small-format automated 6-buckle folder with pile feed and suction head has an optional 6-buckle second unit that can be added straight or cross-wise…for sheets down to 1.99″ x 3.94″. This provides application flexibility, especially for the insert, outsert, and pharmaceutical markets.


The NEW AF-566T4F Buckle-buckle folder is a fully automated folder that can store up to 200 custom jobs in memory for easy recall, with automated make-ready in as little as 14 seconds. it is equipped with 6 buckles on the first station and 4 on the second station – which can be added straight or at an angle – for maximum application flexibility.

Click Here to view all Standard Horizon AF Folders!

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Digital Finishing for Digital Printers

Mid-State Litho Banner

Morgana Creasers and Folders

Digital Finishing for Digital Printers

Morgana’s Product Portfolio consists of Creasers, Creaser/Folders, Folders, Numberers, Card Cutters & Creasers, UV Coaters, and Feeders.

The New Morgana AutoCreaser Pro 33 sets the standard. The intuitive 7″ touch-screen that controls all the main functions. Using the screen is simplicity itself. Key in the sheet length (popular sizes are pre-set), touch the fold type for the finished product (letter, gate etc) and press the green button. The AutoCreaser Pro33 will automatically calculate where the creases need to be and set them accordingly.

As its name suggest the AutoCreaser Pro 50 is the ‘big brother’ of the AutoCreaser Pro 33. Offering the same features and benefits, it runs at the increased speed of 8,500 sheets per hour. The new PosiFeed feeding system that allows a large pile to be loaded and fed is used on the AutoCreaser Pro 50 (along with all of our suction fed machines).

The high-speed creasing and folding of the DigiFold Pro features new touch screen patented technology. IT takes sheet sizes 27.5″ x 15.1″ and handles material up to 0.015″ (approx 150lb cover)*, including laminated material and runs at 6000 sheets per hour. Perforating as standard. Vastly increased speed makes it viable for Litho Printers who suffer the same cracking as Digital Printers.

To received a Morgana Product Portfolio Brochure or to RSVP for MSL’s 2013 Remote Demo – contact Bill at billi@midstatelitho.net. Additional product information can be viewed on our website at www.midstatelitho.net

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