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Addressing Mail is What We Do – Rena

Rena XT Envelope Imager

Rena XT Envelope Imagers

High-Speed Database Driven Address Imaging Series

Rena Address Imagers lead the industry with their ease-of-use and versatile in-line design. The Envelope Imager’s advanced CPU crunches data like no other printer to let you image at 34,000 pieces per hour with Imager XT 4.0 (pictured at right). Rena’s exclusive Five Channel AccuTrakâ„¢ Vacuum Transport has adjustable outer transport belts and material guides that run below for dead-on registration. Three powerful vacuum fans tenaciously grab material through five air channels for consistent pressure. Electronic Thickness Control uses a precise servo-motor system to effortlessly set the perfect output pressure. All these features translate to the best print quality possible.

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