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Six Solutions, One Binder

Fastback binding strips are the highest quality, on-demand binding products on the market! Fastback strips come in various styles, textures, thicknesses, and colors – so you and your customers never have to compromise.

Create strip bound, image bound, softback, easyback, hardback, and custom hardback books / documents with the Fastback 20 in less than 15 seconds! Watch the video below!

Fastback Strip Bound – How to bind a document in 15 seconds!

Fastback Model 20

Create super strong, impressive books in 15 seconds or less, with the Fastback Model 20.

The Fastback Model 20 is the perfect binding machine for copy shops, financial institutions, government agencies, or educational environments. It will produce excellent results at a very low cost, whether it’s binding presentations, yearbooks, or important documents.

This machine is not just for the office, it is a real workhorse and can be used 24 hours per day!

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The Differences Between Coil, Wire and Comb Binding Elements

Written by John Lugviel, Rhin-O-Tuff

February 22, 2013

To get the best results for all your binding projects, you need two critical pieces of information. First, know how you want your finished document to look and perform; second, understand what each binding element has to offer in creating your desired outcome.

Here is a quick comparison of coil, wire and comb bindings.

Coil (Spiral) Binding

For flexible binding that offers many options and can handle rough treatment, choose coil binding and a professional coil punching machine. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Wide choice of colors
  • Metal and plastic coil options
  • Plastic coils are less easily distorted
  • Ends of metal coil can be crimped to prevent page slippage
  • Finished documents lay flat and fold back 360 degrees
  • Works for documents of up to 300 pages
  • Three different coil lengths: 36 inches, 12 inches, and 11 inches
  • A good solution for odd-sized materials
  • Can work with 5:1 hole-punch patterns (5 holes per inch) and 4:1 patterns (4 holes per inch) but these sizes are not interchangeable
  • A coil punching machine easily creates different punch patterns

Coil binding is a good choice for documents that will be mailed and allows for many types of custom covers on finished documents. Because you must determine the punch pattern before starting, coil binding can take a little extra time so consider using a precise, high-quality coil punching machine.

Comb Binding

Comb binding uses a plastic comb to bind documents and is very popular for many reasons. One is the development of the electric comb binding machine which saves time. The other is that plastic binding can be opened to insert or remove document pages and then put back onto the document, which lowers the cost of materials. Here’s more:

  • Finished document lays flat but cannot open back on itself (360 degrees)
  • Binds documents from 5 pages to 300 pages
  • Lots of color choices and custom lengths
  • Plastic spine can be customized with company name and/or document name through silk screening
  • Can be placed on documents manually or with an electric comb binding machine

Wire Binding

As with coil binding, completed documents can lay flat, open 360 degrees, and will mail easily. Wire binding is permanent so document pages stay in place, but this eliminates the option for editing after binding.

There are two types of wire binding: Double Loop Wire Binding and Wire Comb Binding, and each produce professional results.

Double Loop Wire/Double-O-Wire Binding:

  • Many color varieties
  • Binds documents from ¼ inch to 1¼ inches thick
  • Custom wire lengths are available
  • Allows for custom document covers

Wire Comb Binding:

  • Uses same hole pattern as plastic comb binding so one punching machine and electric comb binding machine can handle both kinds of materials
  • Binds documents up to 1 inch thick
  • Can be more expensive than double loop binding wires

The drawback of wire binding is that thinner documents use a 3 hole-per-inch pattern (3:1) while thicker materials need a 2:1 punch pattern, requiring two punch die assemblies.

Once you know your specific document needs and match them with the right binding elements, you can consistently produce professional documents that keep your company a step above the rest.

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PUR…What is it and why should I care?

PUR…What Is It and Why Should I Care?

PUR StrengthSuperior binding strength and lay-flat documents

Polyurethane Reactive, commonly referred to as PUR, is a polyurethane-based adhesive that is attracting popular attention due to superior binding strength, flexibility and eco-friendly nature.

Growing Demand

There is a growing demand for digital color book binding, with much of the imaging being done on high gloss paper stock. Conventional EVA hot-melt glue has difficulty creating a strong bind on coated stocks and generaly has poor lay-flat qualities. However, PUR hot-melt glue can provide superior bind strength and lay-flat of offset and digitally-imaged sheets printed on a wide range of coated stocks.

PUR bound books also outperform their EVA counterparts in their ability to maintain integrity of the bind under extreme temperatures, from – 4° to 248° F for PUR versus 32° to 140° F for EVA. What does all this mean? For example, an EVA-bound snowmobile user manual might become brittle in winter, while pages might fall out of a car manual that’s been baking in a glovebox during the heat of summer.

Superior Binding Strength

PUR also provides superior binding strength versus EVA adhesives, and has page-pull and page flex ratings that can be 40 to 60% higher. Uncured PUR is thermoplastic in nature; it reacts with the moisture in the air and within the paper stock to create a strong cross-linking bind that is resistive to re-melting. PUR is applied in a much thinner layer, so usage per book is less than EVA. The thin application and flexible nature of cured PUR enables books to open more easily to the gutter and lay flatter, preventing the book or pages from turning or closing prematurely. PUR is less affected by the wide variety of inks, varnishes, oils and solvents that can migrate into the glue line and cause EVA adhesives to fail. Additionally, PUR will create a superior bind on certain substrates such as coated stocks, photographic papers, recycled stocks, crossgrained stocks, acetates, and digitally imaged stocks. Although most PUR adhesives are very versatile, it is always best to discuss your applications and binding system with your adhesive supplier to insure that you are using the right adhesive for the best results.

Environmentally Friendly

PUR scores points in terms of environmental friendliness too. PUR-bound books are fully recyclable, whereas EVA glue must be separated from the paper. Energy conservation is another plus, since PUR is applied at 248° F whereas many EVA hot-melts are applied at higher temperatures. If there is a drawback to PUR versus EVA, it is that the books generally require a longer cure time prior to three-knife trimming or\handling of the books for operations such as casing-in and packaging. EVA sets-up very quickly, so books can be trimmed and shipped almost immediately after binding. Many of today’s PUR products will set sufficiently for trimming in a matter of minutes, but full cure time will vary widely depending upon a number of factors such as: binding substrates, book thickness, available moisture in the air and paper stock, as well as the specific adhesive being used. However if you are looking for a stronger, more flexible bind on a wide range of substrates, PUR just might be the answer.

Article provided by Standard Horizon. Click here to download original article. 

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The NEW AlphaCoil-E by Akiles

The NEW AlphaCoil-E by Akiles

The Akiles AlphaCoil-E is an all-in-one electric binding machine which allows you to produce professionally bound books with speed and ease. It has all the features you need for coil binding, in one convenient package.

Looking for more than just 1 type of binding? Can’t decide? Contact MSL today at 1-800-343-4231 or visit us online at www.midstatelitho.net



All Electric Operation: Powerful punch motor and full size coil inserting roller will greatly improve your binding efficiency, while saving time and money.

Includes Foot Pedal Switch: Allows the free use of both hands, granting the operator complete control of punching and inserting, greatly reducing errors and mis-alignments. A manual push button for punching is also available.

Fully Disengageable Pins: Each punching pin can be individually pulled and disengaged, for a clean and professional punch for multiple paper sizes.

Free Crimper and Crimper Holder: Each machine includes a premium coil crimper and built-in crimper holder for easy access and storage.

For additional product information, contact MSL at 1-800-343-4231 or visit us online at www.midstatelitho.net

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FREE Product Video from Standard

New Equipment at Standard

FREE Product Video from Standard

We are pleased to share some information on our latest products and invite you to view a product video now. We’d be happy to assist you in evaluating new solutions for your bindery and would like to arrange a visit with you soon. Please call Mid-State Litho at 800-343-4231 with any immediate needs.

Request your FREE DVD or view a Product Video now!


Standard's BQ 470 HT 80

Perfect Binding & In-line 3-knife Trimming
Easily handles trimming of variable thickness books, one after another, for true on-demand book production.
StitchLiner HO Flores_225
Standard Horizon StitchLiner + HOF
Saddlestitching for Digital Output
The HOF-20 allows you to feed pre-collated digitally-imaged sheets into the StitchLiner for complete booklet processing in one step!

AF_566T4F_PerfectFolderStandard Horizon AF-566T4F
Fully Automated Buckle-Buckle Folding

New 6+4-buckle modular concept allows for simple to complex fold patterns. Short make-ready with fully automated set-up, including roller gap adjustment. User-friendly design and large color touch-screen. View a Product Video Now > >


BQ160_225Standard Horizon BQ-160
Affordable PUR Perfect Binding

With single-person operation, the BQ-160 with PUR capability can bind at speeds up to 180 cycles per hour with books up to 1.57″ thick. Ideal for personalized photo book production! View a Product Video Now > >

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Standard VAC-100 Finishing System

Mid-State Litho Banner

Standard VAC-100 System Standard VAC-100 Finishing System

The SpeedVAC is a revolutionary collating and saddle-stitching system that brings profitability back to short runs. Each Standard Horizon system is designed for quick and easy set-up with changeovers offering square folds, accurate stitch alignment, and precise crossover registration.

Adding even more efficiency and productivity to the well-established VAC-100 is the 6-bin deep pile VAC-60H. This model can also be combined with a complete line of accessories for quality high-speed collating and booklet making. An easy-to-use, graphical user interface on the touch screen allows anyone in your production area to operate the system without any special skills or training. Misfeeding, double feeding and jamming are detected by opacity sensors on each bin and graphically illustrated for easy identification and quick resolution.

Horizon’s unique suction rotor feeding system can easily feed a wide variety of paper stocks at a maximum production speed of up to 9,720 sets in an hour.

Bring high levels of profitability back to your operation with the revolutionary SpeedVAC saddle-stitching system from Standard Horizon and your most reliable printing partner – Mid-State Litho.

For additional product information contact Mid-State Litho at 1-800-343-4321 or visit us online at www.midstatelitho.net

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What’s New at Mid-State Litho? Check it out now!

Now, Variable PUR Perfect Binding in a Compact<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

What’s New at Mid-State Litho? Check it out now!

Variable PUR Perfect Binding in a Compact Footprint from Mid-State Litho Inc.Standard Horizon’s newest perfect binder is specially designed to handle the unique requirements of digital print – with digital print friendly processing, quick set-up and changeover for shorter production runs, book-of-one capability, and even in-line verification for document integrity. The BQ-280 also uses environmentally-friendly PUR glue which meets the requirements of Lay-Flat binding for both offset and digital prints as well as coated stock. Easily handles the production of digitally printed books, personalized photo books, smaller sample runs, and other ultra short-run work!Watch a Product Video now!Or, call 810-238-7370 to arrange a personal demonstration in your area.

Standard Horizon BQ-280PUR Professional Quality with a Compact Design
Book-of-one production capability with single-person operation – designed specifically for short-run, high quality PUR binding! Features fully automated set-up and sensor-activated digital caliper system for consistent measurement of book block thickness. Handles extended spine length up to 15.5″. Production speeds up to 400 books/hour!
Watch a Product Video Now > >
Standard Horizon BQ-280PUR

Standard Finishing SystemsHorizon

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Stnadard PUR Perfect Binder

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