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The Ultimate Tabletop Folders

The Ultimate Tabletop FoldersThe Ultimate Tabletop Folders

BAUM continues to provide the most reliable and rugged tabletop folders in a compact and convenient design.

714XA The BAUM 714XA offers all of the rugged features of the popular manual setup BAUM 714XLT folder and then adds automation and state of the art features to meet today’s demanding needs along with modern styling. The 714XA is designed to meet the needs of all printing and imaging folding applications with these key features:

    • PLC touch screen control panel
    • Feed table extension that can handle longer sheet lengths, enabling tri-folding of 25.5″ long sheets from brochures, etc.
    • Six pre-programmed fold settings
    • Programmable memory settings for 20 custom folds
    • Batch counter that can count up or count down

  • Variable batch data entry
  • Total counter
  • PLC touch screen control panel with pictographs and color display
  • Sound covers standard
  • Flip deflector, non-marking fold plate technology
  • Diagnostic messages/fault detection
  • Jam detection using input and output sensors
  • Motorized delivery stacker
  • Automated fold plate setup

The BAUM 714XLT is rugged and compact. With a convenient size, this easy to setup folder is ready to go to work for you anytime and anyplace you need it. It can easily handle coated stocks as well as high-speed copier and laser printed stocks.

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Built-in totalizing counter
  • Easy make-ready:
  • Handy fold-chart for easy fold pan set-ups
  • Scales on fold plates for accuracy
  • Stacker scales for easy set-up of delivery
  • “Easy-set” sheet caliper
  • Multiple air adjustments

Scoring/ Perforating and Slitting on the 714XLT Ultrafold 1st Station Folder

There are multiple ways to complete scoring, perforating and slitting applications on the 714XLT  Ultrafold 1st station folders. All 714XLT Ultrafold 1st station folders are equipped standard with a set of easily removable “Fixed” center to center slittershafts that are an assembly. All new 714XLT Ultrafold 1st station folders are equipped with tooling for this “Fixed” slittershaft design as standard equipment. The tooling provides the capability to perform either one line of standard “soft” scoring or one line if piercing perforating using a 41 tooth blade.

Click here for more information on BAUMFOLDER and additional tabletop models.

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New Features for the Baum 20 Series Folders

Are you in the market for a New Floor Model Folder?
Check Out the New Features for the Baum 20 Series Folders:

1. New Paperless Roller Gapsets! No need to tear stripes of paper. The new control informs you where to turn each dial to the proper setting per roller. Adjustment knobs are located across the top of the folder frames for easy reach. Operator does not have to walk around machine for setup. Baum knobs are easier to use than pressing levers and inserting strips of paper.

2. New Baum iFold Tutorial is now standard feature on the Baum 20 PFF and CFF models. The Baum 20 PFF and CFF “Informates” the folding process! You can spend a lot on automation and still have to know how to load paper and still make those minor manual adjustments that automation cannot provide. The Baum iFold bridges the gap between a manual folder with no imformaiton and an automated folder by providing information!

3. New Extended Mobile Delivery Stacker that has 33% more collection length than previous Baum 20 Series Folders enabling longer collection times.

4. New Mobility Kit is Standard on the Mobile Delivery Stacker. Previous Baum 20 series stackers were standard as a hang-on delivery stacker. This makes the transition of moving the delivery stacker back and forth from the 1sat station to the 2nd or 3rd station much easier by simply rolling the mobile stacker to its location. The mobile kit also includes an adjustable height settings to enable better shingling/stacking of products that may tend to want to spring open as they exit the folder.

5. New Micro-Adjust Paperstop setting for all active fold plates. Now those very small incremental fold length changes are easier to achieve using the NEW micrometer knob settings that were not available on previous Baum 20 series folders.

6. New Variable Batch within a Batch feature  standard on the BAUM 20 PFF and CFF models. Enables you to have a full load on the feeder and program multiple batches of different quantities to be folded one after another.

7. NEW Touch-Screen Control Panel with colored pictographs and easy to navigate control screens.A very user friendly control screen that enables more information and control of the folding process than ever before.

8. NEW Optional AccuSlit Kit for better control for sheet slitting

9. NEW Optional Perf/Slit/Perf Kit for multiple-up applications

10. NEW Optional Stream Separator Table for 2-up and or sheet acceleration applications

11. NEW Optional Register Gluing Kit for LH edge gluing on the 1st station folder.

Contact us today for additional information on the Baum 20 folders. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Baum Static Reduction Options

We’re coming up on the dry season which means more static. Baumfolder has many weapons to use in the fight against static build up which often starts with your paper and only gets worse when put through today’s modern digital presses. Often one has to employ many lines of defense with this age old enemy. Take a look at some of the offerings we have below. And as always, please contact us if you have any questions.

Baum 714XLT Static Reducer Kit

Static String KitThe Baum 714XLT Static Reducer Kit is mounted on the exit end of the folder to reduce any static charge buildup during the folding process. The Static Reducer’s special design utilizes heavy-duty magnets with a newly developed conductive cord that draws the static charge from the paper. The kit can be added to all Baum 714 tabletop folders, both old and new, for the Baum 714XLT Air Feed, 714XE Friction Feed and Ultrafold models. The part number for the 714XLT folder kit is FK2002081.

There is no drilling needed to mount this kit to the folder. You simply place it as shown in the photos below using the magnets to hold it in place.

Static Dissipation Bars

Static BarsConsists of two static bars and a power unit (115V / 60Hz). Neutralizes the electric charges by creating an ionization field around the two bars. Part number dependent upon machine. Contact us for additional information.

Static Tinsil, an old standby that still works well as well as the Ionix Tube.

For more information on Baum tabletop folding Static Reducer Kits, contact us at 1-800-343-4231.
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How to Check Your Roll Condition on Your Folder

How to Check Your Roll Condition on Your Folder

The fold rolls in your Baumfolder are the heart and muscle of your folding operation. Make sure these valuable investments are still able to give you the quality work your customer demand. This simple procedure can let you verify the condition of your rolls which will give you confidence on that next job.

To Check This Operation – Lock out the power supply to the folder so it can’t be started up while you have your hand in the folder.

As you use your folder for a length of time, the ink from the printing can build up and cause the rollers to become slick and to lose their grip. If you begin to have trouble holding a fold, raise the fold plate with the folder power locked off and the fold plate secure so it does not fall on your hand. Check the urethane section of the fold rollers to determine if this has happened. Use SURE WASH and clean the fold rollers. This difficulty to clean the rollers depends on the amount of ink on the rollers.

To check for wear, with power locked out so no one can start the folder, remove the fold plates. Insert several single strips of paper rolled by hand into the roll in a forward direction about half way. Have a single strip of the same paper in the Baum sets. Now pull on each strip of paper, (don’t pull all the way out). You should have the same tension on all the strips. There may be a very slight difference and still be OK. Put the fold plates back in their proper location.

Also, check for gouges or nicks created by severe jam-ups or using screw drivers to remove jams.

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Micro-Perf Finishing for Table Top & Folder Models

Micro-perf is special, very fine perforation that tears clean when pulled apart. This perforation is used for stocks that need perforations and must be fed again through copiers and printers.

There are kits available for both 7/8” and 1-1/8” shaft sizes. The key to whether your machine can utilize a micro-perf is dependent upon if your machine has adjustable slitter shafts. The adjustment occurs in the center to center distance between the shafts. Because the micro-perf crushes the paper between a blade and a hardened metal ring, a fine adjustment is necessary to prevent tearing the paper or damaging the blade.

There is now an adjustable slitter shaft assembly available for 714 folders which can allow your table top machine to run a micro-perf assembly. This will work on certain 714 parallel machines starting with the “XE” in 1991. You can contact us to find out if your particular machine is capable of this upgrade.

Our friendly Parts Analysts can provide more information about these and other accessories. Contact us today!

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Baumfolder Corporation to Exhibit at Pack Expo 2014

baum pile folderBaumfolder Corporation continues to grow and provide unique solutions for several markets including equipment solutions for packaging, order fulfillment and select material handling applications. As a result of our growth in these areas, Baumfolder will be exhibiting one of our innovative solutions in the Baumfolder Corporation booth at the Pack Expo show in Chicago on November 2nd thru 5th.

We will be showing a BAUM deep pile feeder equipped with a designated bar code scanning system that can read multiple fonts to insure accuracy for inspection, matching and other applications. The BAUM deep pile feeder will also have a BAUM mobile delivery system at the exit end of the machine to collect and or transfer product after it has been fed and read by the bar code scanner. Baumfolder offers several more product solutions utilizing our modern manufacturing facility, in house design engineering, technical support and genuine replacement parts departments at our Sidney, Ohio, USA location.

We invite you to visit the Baumfolder Corporation booth #10804 in the Lakeside Hall at McCormick Place on November 2nd thru November 5th.

For more details on the Pack Expo show, go to http://www.packexpointernational.com

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The Basic Theory of Buckle Folding

BaumFolder 714XLT UltraFold

If a sheet of paper is laid on a flat surface and driven into a stationary object, a buckle or a series of buckles will form along the surface of the sheet.

Theory of Buckle FoldingIf the paper is pushed into a narrow channel before butting up against the stationary object, the buckle that forms in the channel will be a much smaller size than free-forming buckles. At the end of the channel, however, larger buckles will again start to form.

If the channel is angled to produce a down-ward pressure, and two folding rollers, spinning as indicated above, are placed close to the end of the channel, the larger buckles that start forming there will always form down-ward and be pulled into the rollers, compressing into a fold.

Roll Bank ConfigurationOn a buckle folder (like 714), the sheet comes out of the feeder flat and enters the fold plate assembly where it comes to a stop against a stationary fold stop. A series of buckles then forms through the sheet. The buckles within the fold plate are kept very small by the narrow channel design. The buckle at the end of the plate, however, will be larger. The fold plate and rollers are configured such that the large buckle will always form downward where it is grabbed by the fold rollers and compressed into a fold. The picture shows the second plate deflected. This would mean a single fold.

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Baum will be showcasing their latest equipment!

Graph Expo 2014

Stop by and visit us at Graph Expo Booth#4704. Register here for your free pass!

BAUM will be showing our latest equipment and accessories in our booth, #4704. The exposition is being held September 28 through October 1, 2014.

If you are attending Graph Expo 2014, stop by and see us in person! There you will be able to see some of the innovative, cost effective, and flexible solutions Baumfolder has to offer for your business. Additionally, you can see other Baum products working at the show in our partner’s booths.

  • Eastman Kodak                      booth        831
  • M C S                                    booth      1253
  • Precision Finishing                  booth      2349
  • Gluing Machinery Systems      booth      4204

Can’t make it to the show but want to learn more?  Check out the links below for details.

Interested in Baum equipment and need additional information? Visit us online!

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714 Ultrafold Set Up Tips

BaumFolder 714 UltraFold

The 714 Ultrafold is a very popular table top folder designed to be robust and easy to setup. Below are several tips that can help you set up this folder to run properly for your next job. These are just a few of the more common issues that people come across when setting up a machine.

Safety First!

    • Before working on the folder, DISCONNECT ALL ELECTRICAL POWER SUPPLY TO THE FOLDER to prevent the accidental start of the folder.
    • Check to make sure that you have the correct tools to complete the job.
    • For the reasons of safety, long hair must be tied back or otherwise secured, garments must be close fitting and no jewelry, such as rings or necklaces, may be worn while adjusting or setting up equipment.
    • Injury may result from being caught up in the machinery or jewelry catching on moving parts. Take all necessary steps so this doesn’t happen.

714 UltraFold Set Up714 UltraFold Set Up Tips:

  • Check to see if pump has sufficient suction. If not, enough, check the following.
    • Check and clean air filters
    • Check hose connections from pump for cracks and blockages. Repair as necessary.
  • Make sure guides are positioned properly. Paper should not be too tight or loose in feeder.
    • Too tight and it will not feed properly.
    • Too loose and the folds will be inconsistent.
  • Check that the caliper assembly is 90° relative to the feed table.
  • Check that the air tube holes (front blow) are pointing towards the scribe line. When the air is turned on, the bottom sheets should be blown down to the sucker wheel.
  • Check the gap underneath the sheet detector tab.
    • Insert two thickness of paper between the caliper tab and the sucker wheel.
    • Turn the gap knob counter-clockwise to tighten or clockwise to loosen.
    • Set the gap knob until there is a slight drag on the paper.
    • Remove the paper and the correct gap is now set.
    • When you load the feeder, the printing will be up.

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