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Baumfolder Poly Bag Folding System

Need help folding your poly bags?

Check out the NEW Baumfolder Poly Bag Folding System!

If you are manually folding poly bags for customer returns and medical samples, we have the solution for you!

Baumfolder has developed a system to feed, fold, and convey Poly bags based on your customers required end size.

Baum Poly Bag Folding System Features Benefits:

  • Continuous feeding
  • Designed to select variable folds when ordered
  • Shingle conveyor holds 300 to 500 folded bags
  • Can achieve 40 to 50 bags per minute
  • Designed to have variable sizes when ordered
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Durable heavy-duty commercial construction
  • Maximize daily throughput

Check out Baum’s poly bag folding solution by clicking here and stop hand folding your poly bags. Want more information on this system or something similar? Just give us a call at 810.238.7370 and we will work with you to customize a solution that is right for your business. 

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The Baum 714XLT is ready to go to work for you!

Baum UltraFold 714XLT Air Feed Tabletop Folder with Right Angle Unit

BAUMFOLDER 714XLT Air Feed Tabletop Folder with Right Angle Unit

The Baum 714XLT is ready to go to work for you!

The Baum UltraFold 714XLT air feed tabletop folder combines all the rugged reliability of the larger model Baum folders in a compact, convenient size.

The 714XLT is ready to go to work for you anytime and anyplace you need it. It can easily handle coated stocks as well as high-speed copier and laser printed stocks.

Here are some of the many features of the Baum UltraFold 714XLT:

  • Quiet Pump
  • Toner-resistant fold rollers [urethane only]
  • Adjustable scoring assembly
  • Extended delivery [30% more accumulation]
  • Automatic fold roller tensioning
  • Easily feeds laser-printed & high-speed copier stock
  • Rack & pinion gear side guides
  • Easy to adjust feed caliper
  • Built-in circuit breakers
  • Built-in counter
  • DC drive
  • and so much more!

The 714XLT is not an automated folder but the set-up can be completed within minutes. You do not have to be experienced in operating a folder to run it. Check out the additional product features and advantages, including the set-up overview and the types of businesses that use the Baum 714XLT, when you click the link below.

Learn more about the Baum UltraFold 714XLT and the types of business that use the Baum 714XLT by clicking here to go directly to our website.

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See What’s NEW from BAUM

See What's NEw from BAUMThis is your special invitation to come and see what’s NEW from BAUM in Booth #4704 at Graph Expo 2014 with our Free Attendee Badge registration.

In addition to their newest product and service offerings, BAUM experts will be onsite throughout the show ready to discuss YOUR unique challenges…answer all YOUR specific questions…and provide personalized guidance on new ways for you to adapt – and GROW – your business NOW!

Register today for your Free Attendee Badge!

We look forward to seeing you at the show!

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714 Ultrafold Set Up Tips

BaumFolder 714 UltraFold

The 714 Ultrafold is a very popular table top folder designed to be robust and easy to setup. Below are several tips that can help you set up this folder to run properly for your next job. These are just a few of the more common issues that people come across when setting up a machine.

Safety First!

    • Before working on the folder, DISCONNECT ALL ELECTRICAL POWER SUPPLY TO THE FOLDER to prevent the accidental start of the folder.
    • Check to make sure that you have the correct tools to complete the job.
    • For the reasons of safety, long hair must be tied back or otherwise secured, garments must be close fitting and no jewelry, such as rings or necklaces, may be worn while adjusting or setting up equipment.
    • Injury may result from being caught up in the machinery or jewelry catching on moving parts. Take all necessary steps so this doesn’t happen.

714 UltraFold Set Up714 UltraFold Set Up Tips:

  • Check to see if pump has sufficient suction. If not, enough, check the following.
    • Check and clean air filters
    • Check hose connections from pump for cracks and blockages. Repair as necessary.
  • Make sure guides are positioned properly. Paper should not be too tight or loose in feeder.
    • Too tight and it will not feed properly.
    • Too loose and the folds will be inconsistent.
  • Check that the caliper assembly is 90° relative to the feed table.
  • Check that the air tube holes (front blow) are pointing towards the scribe line. When the air is turned on, the bottom sheets should be blown down to the sucker wheel.
  • Check the gap underneath the sheet detector tab.
    • Insert two thickness of paper between the caliper tab and the sucker wheel.
    • Turn the gap knob counter-clockwise to tighten or clockwise to loosen.
    • Set the gap knob until there is a slight drag on the paper.
    • Remove the paper and the correct gap is now set.
    • When you load the feeder, the printing will be up.

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Efficiency in Small-Format Offset Printing

Efficiency in Small-Format Offset Printing

baumprint18With its high level of automation, the BaumPrintâ„¢ 18 creates the ideal conditions for cost-effective production of one- two-, and multi-color jobs. The compact single-sheet feeder can handle an exceptionally wide range of formats and printing stock.
The BaumPrint 18 is the ideal press for high-quality print items for private and business use. Its compact design and ease of operation combine with versatile standard and optional equipment to handle a variety of formats and stocks efficiently, with high quality and consistency, and less waste. BaumPrint 18 features include bearer-to-bearer pressure for consistent dot transfer, longer plate and blanket life, and increased quality of all printed pieces, sensor-controlled pile feeding, outstanding sheet separation, and much more!
The BaumPrint 18 printing unit delivers superb color brilliance and top quality. Here are the advantages for your printing process at a glance:
  • Make-ready Times: The AutoPlate automatic plate changer enables rapid job changes and cuts make- ready times.
  • Productivity: The high level of automation enables you to complete a large volume of jobs in a short time, thereby delivering measurably greater efficiency when producing one- and two-color commercial jobs.
  • Quality:The large inking unit, alcohol-free direct continuous dampening system and smooth sheet travel deliver consistent, high-quality print results.
  • Cost-effectiveness: You can produce one- and two-color jobs using a range of formats and printing stock incredibly cost-effectively.
  • Ergonomics: You benefit from the ease of use and compact, space-saving construction of the press.
Don’t miss your chance to demo the BaumPrint 18 on November 6th & 7th, 2013, right here in Flint! If you haven’t RSVP yet, time is running out CLICK HERE.
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