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Morgana reveals Ipex launches

Morgana reveals Ipex launches
By Hannah Jordan, Friday March 07 2014
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digifold-pro-500Morgana will use Ipex to unveil the next generation models of its DigiFold Pro and Autocreaser Pro machines.

At 6,000 A4 sph the new DigiFold Pro-500 is no faster than its Ipex 2010-launched third generation predecessor, however it incorporates key changes such as a high capacity vacuum top feed that can take sheet piles of up to 500mm compared to just 60mm. The device handles paper stocks up to 400gsm.

Other new features include dual creasing blades, which can be set for up or down creasing profiles as well as different creasing thickness and automatic set up of folding rollers, previously set manually.

Morgana sales and marketing director Ray Hillhouse said: “Digital print continues to grow, the page rates are coming down and people are doing longer runs. A lot of our customers were asking for a deeper pile so we introduced it because it means they can just put the stack in and let it run rather than have to top it up frequently.”

Meanwhile the new AutoCreaser Pro-500, which also features a new high capacity vacuum top feeder, will be launched at Ipex as well. The 8,500sph device incorporates dual creasing blades and matrix rather than the single blade of its predecessor, meaning users don’t need to change blades for different stocks.

Additionally two different profiles for hinge and spine creasing can now be selected, which Hillhouse said would particularly appeal to those doing perfect binding work.

“Before, the sheets had to go through the machine in two passes, but now people can produce covers for perfect binding with the two different profiles of crease in a single pass,” said Hillhouse.

“Traditionally customers have been digital print shops but that is changing because most big litho printers now have a digital section. These are heavier duty machines and we see them fitting with higher volume customers,” he added.

The units, which will be marketed at the top end of the DigiFold and AutoCreaser range, will be available to order at Ipex, with first shipping from Morgana’s Milton Keynes manufacturing site expected in June.

Prices have yet to be finalized.

Mid-State Litho, Inc.
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Featuring MGI Meteor DP8700 XL and more!

Featuring MGI Meteor DP8700 XL and more!

You’re Invited! Mid-State Litho’s 2013 Remote Demo

MSL's 2013 Remote Demo - Featuring MGI Meteor DP8700 XL and more!

 Mid-State Litho will be at Weber’s Inn, Ann Arbor for our 2013 Remote Demo. 

Mid-State Litho’s 2013 Remote Demo

Location: Weber’s Inn 3050 Jackson Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48103

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The Meteor is not the only equipment being featured at MSL’s Remote Demo. MSL will

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Meteor DP8700 XL

MSL's MGI Meteor DP8700 XL

Free from costly click charges and contracts

Large manufacturers have cornered print manufacturers into a strict structure of deceptively expensive click charges and mandatory service contracts. Keep the profits you’ve earned with freedom from clicks. The Meteor offers the market a new segment of dealer supported print engines, freeing you from the hassle of dealing with corporate muscle putting the squeeze on your pocketbook and pinching your margins.

Free to print in large, versatile formats

Free to print in large, versatile formatsPrint sheet sizes up to 13 x 47 inches! The Meteor’s construction brings a market exclusive ability to print in super format. Use this to your advantage and provide services that no other print manufacturer can. Super format is terrific for quad-fold brochures, banners, calendars, dust-covers and many other unique items. Show your customer your abilities and help them dream of the possibilities.

Free of environmental hazards

Free of environmental hazardsWe are all committed to preserving and taking care of our environment. Recyclable consumables, freedom from fuser oils, and landfill-safe toner are part of what makes MGI the environmentally-friendly option. Show your customers what you’ve done to take care of Planet Earth and share with them the ability to market that fact.

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The Meteor’s revolutionary silicone oil-free toner brings print manufacturers new abilities. Improved surface adherence allows high quality printing on substrates from super smooth plastics to textured canvas. Minimal wax content gives you the ability to print letterhead without remelting the image. High-definition toner means no smudging or ghosting. Your customers will feel confident in the high quality work the Meteor provides.

Free to print envelopes on a digital press

An available envelope feeder brings the ability to run envelopes of all sizes for universal branding, something all modern print buyers desire. Your customers will be able to use their own unique branding consistently across all of their printed items. Be the entire solution!

Free to explore new substrates

The patented infrared pre-heater, powerful print engine and enhanced toner compositions give you the freedom to print on a wide variety of stocks and substrates. The Meteor can open doors into new markets. Print on unique materials like PVC, polycarbonates, Teslin, Yupo, canvas, labels and other synthetics. Bring customers something they couldn’t do before and become their partner in success.

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