Horizon SmartSlitter Sheet Cutter & Creaser

Standard Horizon SMSL-100

 SMARTSLITTER Features & Benefits: 

The Horizon SmartSlitter is a quality finishing process for digitally printed sheets that performs various finishing styles in a single pass including cutting, creasing and perforating.

The SmartSlitter offers a lot of features for easy operation and production flexibility. The system can deliver multiple-up greeting cards with or without creasing. The machine features an up and and a down crease which can be used for accordion fold applications or perfect bound books. Use these features in tandem to complete operations in a single pass.

This special finishing machine is a swiss-army-knife for digital production departments. Use the flexibility and variety of features to knock out short jobs that can clog up a finishing department. Run lengths are getting shorter. Add a dynamic finishing machine as a companion to your print engine.

Produce standard size business cards printed 21-up on a sheet and process to a receding stacker for easy handling. The system accepts sheets up to 14.33″ x 26.37″ and can deliver finished sheets just under 2″ x 2″.

  • Up Direction Creasing Die
  • Down Direction Creasing Die
  • Rotary Perforation with Skip Perf
  • Horizontal Perforation in Crease Position
  • Side Slitting with Scrap Removal
  • Gutter Cutting with Scrap Removal
  • Cross Direction Guillotine Cut
  • Business Card Stack Delivery
  • Conveyor Output
  • Positive Waste Extraction
  • Barcode Job Lookup
  • Barcode Job Confirmation
  • OMR Mark Registration in 2-Axis
  • iCE LiNK Integration


Cutting Section, Slitter Section, Rotary Perforate / Rotary Crease Section, & Impact Creasing Section*

*Key features lists optional equipment including impact perforation unit, impact creasing unit, rotary perforation cassette and rotary creasing set. Please see brochure for a complete list of the SmartSlitter’s available options.


Labor Saving:

Creasing, perforating and sheet cutting can be performed in one pass. Applications like business cards, invitations, greeting cards, laminated sheets, and book covers are done in one pass. 

Application Flexibility:

The SMSL-PR optional perforation cassette enables skip perforation. This is useful for applications like coupons, tickets and checks. Add an L-Perf or a T-Perf to make a digital job into something extra special.

Highest Precision:

The camera device detects the print registration by reading the barcode or mark printed on the sheet. The position of the slitter, creaser, and cutting position are adjusted to image shift. 

 Automatic Job Set-Up: 

The SmartSlitter’s Camera Device detects the print registration by reading the barcode or registration mark printed on the sheet. The position of the slitter, creaser, and cutting position are adjusting according to image shift. This camera can read barcodes printed on the job sheets. The controller computer will adjust the machine to run the job, warn the operator, or use the mark as a registration aid. Watch video>>