Simplified Card Production Process

MGI JETcard 3D - Plastic Card ProductionUtilizing MGI’s award winning and revolutionary inkjet technology, the JETcard 3D provides card manufacturers with an all-inclusive printing/encoding/finishing solution.

MGI’s JETcard 3D is a true Card Factory and can replace up to 5 different pieces of equipment traditionally used in the plastic card production chain: Litho press, collator, lamination press, die cutter and encoder/personalization printer.

The JETcard 3D utilizes pre-cut blank cards (with/without magnetic stripe or RFID) and is ideal for turnkey production from 1 card to millions, all ready to be sold (fully printed, personalized, coated, encoded & verified).

The JETcard 3D is targeted for card manufacturers as well as commercial printers, maximizing productivity for high volume applications while still remaining cost-effective for short runs. The JETcard 3D has already been awarded the prestigious “2010 Siemens Innovation Grand Prix” and the “2011 Engineering Prize”, in recognition of MGI’s R&D achievement.

From an individual blank ISO CR-80 card, the JETcard 3D is able to achieve in one pass, the following processes:

  • Pre-coating to ensure a full compatibility with the substrates available on the market (plastic, paper, PLA, etc.)
    • Printing 4, 6 ou 8 colors to expand the spectrum of the printable colors \
    • Optional white opaque ink
    • Optional security ink revealed only under a black light
    • Micro text and guilloché patterns
    • Full variable data printing including text, barcodes & images
    • Spot UV coating or flood UV coating for card protection
    • Read & write capabilities on HiCo/LoCo magnetic stripes
    • Automated quality controls and rejection of the defective card
  • New Enhanced Printing Functions (2013)
    • Printing with spectacular 3D raised effects
    • Variable Data Printing even with 3D raised effects
    • Hexacolor printing to expand the gamut and/or spot colors (orange, blue,…)

jetcard-3d-featuresTypically, a traditional plastic card production chain is using up to 5 pieces of equipment: offset press, collator, laminating press, die cutter, and personalization printer/encoder. Each piece of equipment has varying productivity levels, requires a specialized operator, and can sometimes be spread across a large site.

Combined, these factors result in high production costs. With the JETcard 3D features, MGI streamlines the production chain by bringing all these key processes into one piece of equipment. The JETcard 3D features MGI’s award-winning inkjet technology and is a true reinvention of the traditional plastic card production process. For additional information visit us online at

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