Second Pass Folding on Baum 714 Folders

714XAparup'10smSecond Pass Folding on Baum 714 XLT and Baum 714 XA Folders

Here is information on Second Pass Folding operations for BAUM 714 XLT Ultrafold and BAUM 714XA Autofold Tabletop Folders.

The BAUM 714 XLT Ultrafold and BAUM 714XA Autofold air/vacuum feed tabletop folders have unique operational design features that enable what is called “Second Pass Folding” for select folding impositions.

The term “Second Pass” refers to folding a sheet in one direction in a single pass, collecting the folded sheets, and then sending the already folded sheets back through the BAUM folder again for a second pass at a right angle from the previously created folds in the first pass.

Second pass folding is meant for very low volume folding jobs due to the requirements of the job. Second pass folding is for right angle folding. It is recommended that during the first pass, a line of scoring be performed where the creases are to be for the fold(s) for the second pass. Note that in second pass folding you will have to fold against the grains in the paper in one of the passes. It is always best to add the score(s) to insure consistent folding from sheet to sheet. BAUM 714XLT Ultrafold and 714XA Autofold folders are provided with a “soft” score tooling capability with the standard fixed center slitter shafts provided with the equipment. Optional adjustable slitter shafts for more precise and defined scoring and or the use of Technifold creasing tooling are available from Baumfolder.

Purchase a second slittershaft assembly from BAUM to use to reduce your setup time . If you need to convert back and forth from standard folding without scoring tooling and back to right angle second pass folding several times, an additional set of slittershafts enables you to make a quick changeover by simply replacing the slittershafts and not having to take the time to remove and re-install tooling and pullout tires.

Examples of Second Pass Folding:

11 x 17 beginning sheet size folded in half on the first pass to become a two panel fold of 8-1/2 x 11 size.  If the final intended fold is to be an 8-page signature where the final fold size is 5-1/2 x 8-1/2, a single line of scoring is needed on the slittershafts on the first pass.  If the final intended fold is to be an 11×17 folded down to a #10 letter fold size of 3-5/8 x 8-1/2 inches, you will need two lines of scoring on the first pass.

If the volume of second pass folding increases on a regular basis, you can also add a BAUM 714XLT Ultrafold 8-page right angle folder to your existing 1st station BAUM 714 Ultrafold folder.

Article Provided By Baumfolder; please call to confirm what is needed to adapt the equipment.

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