Save Ink, Save Paper…Save Trees with KeySetter

Xitron KeySetter

Save Ink, Save Paper…Save Trees with KeySetter

In many printing companies, the digital workflow stops with plate imaging and in most shops, there is still a gap between the prepress workflow and the controls in the pressroom. Unfortunately, this means that the valuable capability to leverage prepress output data in order
to preset ink keys on-press remains unused. Existing proprietary connections often come with high investment costs so there is little incentive for many small to mid-sized companies to invest in the opportunity to achieve significant savings, better efficiency and greater quality. And because it minimizes waste… it saves trees!

The objective of the ink presetting system is to achieve uniform target density across the print as quickly as possible after startup. Xitron offers 3 different options, independent of the press manufacturer, for your customer:

  • CIP3 is a great addition to any prepress environment. CIP3 saves time and money by presetting the ink keys on press. Save labor, ink and paper all through one software solution. CIP3 saves wasted time by analyzing the same data used for printing plates and then shares that information with the press control system. (Requires a Xitron RIP or Workflow)
  • Automate ink key settings. Xitron’s KeySetter line has two product versions that are both designed to provide improvements to the pressroom’s efficiency by communicating ink coverage data directly to the press, reducing make-ready time and materials waste. Less time is spent getting up to color, which means more time printing. Available as a direct connection to the press, a console-compatible data file or a printed graphic chart, KeySetter can reduce your make-ready an average of 20-50% which increases your operating profit.
  • Xitron’s Ryobi Ink Saver package is designed to replace Ryobi’s Ink Volume Setter software, which reached end-of-life status several years ago. A low cost replacement for IVS users, Xitron’s Ryobi Ink Saver (RIS) creates ink key data in the format required by Ryobi presses. Similar in functionality to the industry standard CIP 3 PPF (print production file) format, RIS creates .DEM files that the Ryobi console understands and uses to preset ink keys prior to a press run. RIS is based on the Keysetter Pro platform and supports output to supported presses through a network connection or floppy disk exchange. Along with the .DEM files, a job thumbnail (preview) is also created and supplied to the press.

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