Sakurai to Exhibit at SGIA 2014

Visit Sakurai in Booth #4019
October 22-24th, 2014

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The Sakurai exhibit at SGIA will showcase a Sakurai Maestro MS-80A cylinder screen press running in-line with a Natgraph conveyorized hot air dryer and 90cm automatic sheet stacker.

Also featured will be the new CST screen imaging system now available from Sakurai. The system images and exposes the screen directly from computer-to-screen. Sakurai Maestro cylinder screen presses are available in sizes from 20.5″ x 28.5″ to 48″ x 63″ and are backed by responsive customer service, support, parts and training.

Sakurai MS-80SD with Optical Camera Registration and Monitor

The new Sakurai MS-80SD cylinder screen press with an industry-first optical camera registration system and monitor will highlight the Sakurai exhibit at SGIA ’12 in Las Vegas.

Sakurai MS-80SDSakurai’s technological advances for the Maestro MS-80SD include a CCD camera registration system and monitor, a Laser Positioning Assist for screen frame changes and a Numerical Indications system designed to improve registration and performance.

These exclusive new systems combined with the servo driven MS-80SD’s automated features allows Sakurai to offer the most precise cylinder screen press available today for industrial and multi-color overlay printing.

Sakurai MS-80A Cylinder Screen Press

See the Sakurai MS-80A cylinder screen press running live in Booth 1163

Highlighting the Sakurai exhibit will be an operating Sakurai Maestro MS-80A cylinder screen press equipped with a Sakurai stacker.

The MS-80A is one of Sakurai’s workhorse presses and is ideal for tagless labels, heat applied transfers, pressure sensitive applications and more. This high precision, high productivity screen press accepts sheets up to 31 5/8″ x 21 3/4″ and operates at speeds up to 3,600 IPH.

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