Round-Cornered Products

Round-Cornered Products

Successful Round-Cornered Products

Following these five tips will help your Challenge Machinery customers avoid many mistakes that commonly occur when working with round-cornering equipment:

  • Keep the knife and die sharp and in good alignment. Dull knife and other poor adjustments lead to irregular cuts. Carefully sharpen knives with a 35-degree bevel and finely hone them (#32 micro cut or better) to remove coarseness and burrs.
  • To ensure good corners, always firmly place paper against the left and back guides.
  • Are you experiencing unusual noises and irregular action when you run your machine? A maintenance check is probably due. Have your machine checked by a qualified person.
  • Exercise care when handling and changing the knives.
  • NEVER leave the machine running unattended!

Challenge SCM Hydraulic Cornering Machine

The Challenge Single Cornering Machine (SCM) is the perfect solution for production-level round cornering requirements. Available as either hydraulic or manual, the SCM features a table designed to handle any size stock, six sizes of precision, heavy-duty knife and die sets, integrated chip catch bin, and high pile capacity. Both models are designed to ensure years of trouble-free production. Challenge cornering machines minimize operator fatigue and provide the power needed for cornering difficult jobs of index and coated stock. Give you jobs the added professional quality with our dependably accurate cuts with each cornering stroke of our single cornering machines. Read more here>>

The Challenge Advantage

At Challenge Machinery, our goal is to design, manufacture, and market equipment that adds value to your customers’ printed products. We offer drills, paper cutters, book trimmers, cornering machines, and other print finishing equipment that can improve your customers’ productivity and make their lives easier.

Additional product information is available at or if you would like to receive a brochure for Challenge please contact MSL at MSL can also be reached at 1-800-343-4231.

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