Rosback TrueScore Pro Now Available Online

Kit Includes One Pair of Scoring Rollers Starting at $1,190.00

TrueScore Pro is a special scoring kit that can be installed in many brands of console paper folders. This product will score the sheets to get rid of cracking along the folded edge. The rollers are made of high strength steel and the scoring disk itself can be replaced as it wears down over time. This means the kit is a long term investment that can turn an old-fashioned folder into something new that can fold digitally printed stocks without cracking.

The scoring disk can be swapped out. Wide, medium, and narrow disks are available to compensate  for the thickness of the stock. A wider scoring disk will create a larger channel which is better when handling thick stock. With thinner paper materials the narrow blue scoring disk is recommended and the black medium disk works for average stocks.

This universal scoring kit is patented technology from Rosback. It is designed to score digitally printed materials and eliminate toner cracking. Add the Rosback Truescore Pro Kit to a wide variety of paper folders. This kit is designed to be universal enough to fit on many industry standard console paper folders. 

The process works by having a male rotary element and a female rotary element that work together. These two rotary elements work by  trapping the paper between them and gradually inducing a score as the paper is drawn through. The compression of the disk stretches the surface and removes the surface tension. The tolerances are very important and the material selection is critical. This process is patented by Rosback.