Rosback Perf Slit and Score Machines

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Rosback Company has a reputation for manufacturing equipment that is heavy duty, ultra reliable, and capable of producing a lot of finished work at high speed. With production equipment the goal is to get the job done accurately, easily, and reliably.  This line of equipment is heavy enough to handle long production runs while still easy enough to set up that an operator won’t worry about breaking configuration to move to another job.

This series of perf, slit, and score machines is very versatile and can be used for all kinds of applications. Book covers, brochures, post cards, notecards, and a bunch of other formats are all possible due to the unlimited configuration options. The machines feature an accessory shaft that is a common location for operator setup. Blades for scoring, slitting, or perforating can be quickly installed and accurately positioned.

Rosback Perf Slit Score Series Features

  • Vacuum Feeding Eliminates Marking Sensitive Stock
  • Separate Vacuum and Pressure Controls
  • Very High Speed Measured Over 20,000 Feet per Hour
  • 100% Accurate Registration System
  • Ergonomically Located Operating Controls
  • Heavy Duty Casters for Portability
  • Quickly Add or Remove Heads
  • Run up to 5 Heads on 220SR
  • Run up to 10 Heads on 223SR
  • Run up to 20 heads on 226SR
  • Included Tool Kit
  • Double Sheet Detector
  • Total and Batch Counter

Optional Upgrades

  • EZ Out Shafts for Even Faster Changeover
  • Quick Align Perforating Heads
  • TrueScore Pro Paper Scoring Kit
  • Cobra Strike Perforator Heads
  • Gutter Slitter Perf Heads
  • Micro-Perf Heads
  • Narrow Margin Heads
  • Pressure Sensitive Slitting Attachment
  • Jogging Delivery
  • Conveyor Delivery
  • Receding Stacker Delivery

We have added several models including the 243XL, 240XL, 220SR, 223SR, and 226SR. These machines are similar in their capabilities but they have different sheet size limits and different duty cycles. The 243XL and 240XL are heavier machines that will handle a larger sheet of up to 30″ x 30″ at 25,000 feet per hour. The 226SR can handle a 26″ x 26″ sheet at 24,000 feet per hour. Both series of machines can be equipped with a right angle for a whole new dimension of finished product.

Last week we presented the TrueScore Pro kit. That kit is a perfect companion for this series of finishing machines. TrueScore Pro is designed to score digitally printed stock and eliminate toner cracking. This kit is designed to be universal enough to fit on many industry standard console paper folders but it was born for this Rosback product line.

The process works by having a male rotary element and a female rotary element that work together. These two rotary elements work by  trapping the paper between them and gradually inducing a score as the paper is drawn through. The compression of the disk stretches the surface and removes the surface tension. The tolerances are very important and the material selection is critical. This process is patented by Rosback.

243XL Perf, Score, Slit Machine

This is a high speed production system for perfing, scoring and slitting paper. It had several features and is the fastest, most productive and heaviest duty machine in the Rosback lineup. It is capable of slot, knife-cut, micro perforation, slitting, and scoring. You can achieve precision results on stocks from 9 lb onionskin to 1/16″ board stock. 

The machine will produce intricate patters such as perf, score, and slit combinations for CD inlays or J card tickets and forms. The patented TrueScore Pro can be added for crack free scoring of difficult digitally printed materials. 

220SR Perforating, Scoring and Slitting Machine

TrueLine perforators provide a high quality, cost effective, perforating and scoring solution that presses or folders cannot match. Enjoy a wide variety of uses including Slot, Knife-Cut, and Micro Perforation, Slitting and Scoring. Get precision results on stocks ranging from 9-lb onionskin to 1/16″ board. Rosback TrueLines are well known for simplicity of use and years of trouble free operation.