October 19 – 21 in Las Vegas

Print United 2022 was last week and the show was a huge success! It was amazing how busy the Las Vegas Convention Center was. This felt like a trade show from the 1990s. It has been a rocky road getting here; the Graph Expo trade show in Chicago was fading before it finally came to an end. Print United took over but the pandemic put a damper on things. However, this year everything was just right. It was a super exciting event and I want to tell you all about it.

The Print United management has adopted a model of a roaming show that moves to Eastern, Western, and Central regions to give everyone a change at having a show nearby. This year was Las Vegas and next year will be in Atlanta, Georgia. Vegas is a fun city and show attendees were in good spirits. The show floor was packed and because of the hiatus it felt like there was something new being shown everywhere you went.

Standard Finishing Booth at Print United 2022

Every vendor seemed to have a whole suite of new products that they were showing off. It had been a while since our industry came together for an expo so that long time away was used to research and develop some great new products. Watch our site over the next few months to see us debut many of these new products.

Standard Finishing and Horizon

We spent most of our time at the Standard Finishing booth working with the Horizon product line. We also caught up with many of our customers and vendors. The Standard booth was always busy even when the rest of the show was winding down. They had great products in the front corners of the booth. In one corner was the AFV-566FKT which is a paper folder like nothing else in the industry. That product is a show stopper, literally. People would stop in the aisle and block others and it gathered a large crowd every time JD would start running a demo.

In the other corner was a BQ-270 perfect binder that was being fed by a robot arm. This was shocking to a lot of people and it was mesmerizing to watch. The robotic arm would pick up each book block and perfectly place it into the binder. It would just sit there running and running and people would take photos and videos. I did too.

There were other new products in the book such as the Hunkeler DocuTrim. This machine is a special item that does something that will change the life of anyone who does short run book production. It’s a book block prepping machine that accepts raw output from quarter size digital presses. It does the cutting, perfing, and stacking for perfectly prepared book blocks.

Robotic Arm Loading Book Blocks into a Horizon BQ-270 Perfect Binder

So the show was a huge success. We saw a lot of interest especially in automated equipment. Products that used to be too expensive are now the only option in the face of a turbulent labor market where skilled workers are nearly impossible to find. Folks are coming around to the perks of automation and those who invested a long time ago are reaping the benefits right now.

The AFV-566FKT Paper Folder is a stand out example of this. Finding a folder operator is difficult and to have a highly productive machine that’s operated completely by touch screen means anyone can do it. People used to scoff at the price of automation but the greater market has matured into understanding the real value of Horizon equipment.

Standard Finishing Booth at Print United 2019

The trade show is over but many of the pricing specials are still active. Please contact your sales representative to learn more about any piece of equipment you might be interested in. Prices are rising across the board and we were able to secure some amazing discounts for any “show” customers. We can usually extend these to people who didn’t attend as long as we create a quote around the end of the show.

You can still sign up for a VIP demonstration in Boston. This personal VIP program is for potential Horizon customers who would like to see the equipment in person. We’ll help arrange a flight out to the demonstration site as well as any special applications or demos you’d like to see.

  • BQ-500 Perfect Binder
  • HT-300 Three Side Book Trimmer
  • GF-500 Gauze Feeder
  • ESF-1000 End Sheet Feeder
  • AFV-566KT
  • StitchLiner Mark III Saddlestitcher
  • HOF-400 and VAC-L600H Collating Towers
  • Smartslitter
  • RD-N4055 Rotary Die Cutting System
  • CRF-362 Creaser Folder
  • APC-610 Hydraulic Paper Cutter
  • Roll-to-Booklet Solution with StitchLiner Mark V
  • Roll-to-Stack Solution
  • DocuTrim
  • iCe LiNK