Reducing packaging can lessen the time needed to pack items

Felins Product Banding ExamplesBanding and Bundling

The future of packaging is a less-is-more approach. Eliminate a tremendous amount of waste by simply using less. Many manufacturers who have adopted lean manufacturing and taken steps to produce less waste have moved to banding and bundling. Reducing packaging can lessen the time needed to pack items and even cut delivery times. It reduces the final weight of packed products meaning less money spent on freight and distribution. If you haven’t considered banding or bundling for your manufacturing applications, check it out!

In many cases simply strapping products together is a more economic method of grouping. Consider the raw material costs of a large cardboard box in comparison with a ten inch strand of twine. For anyone processing products that must be moved in bundles it’s worth a look. Many times this part of processing goods is overlooked because it’s just a non-issue when up next to life’s larger problems. However, savings are savings, and in banding and bundling we’re talking about some of the shortest ROI’s you’ve seen in a while!

There are many types of banding, bundling and strapping. Some of the machines below are special to one type, others can be reconfigured to handle many different types of product. Do a little research here but don’t hesitate to contact our sales department for additional information and models.

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