Lamination Creates A New Profit Center

ALM Automatic Laminators!

Create A New Profit Center in less than 3.5 square-feet! The ALM Series are fully automatic laminators/trimmers that eliminate hand feeding and trimming of laminated sheets. Load a small stack of sheets and press the green button! The ALM will laminate and trim all 4 edges.

Laminating is a great way to make profit in print production. End users absolutely love it and it raises the value of the printed piece by a large factor. Production sites tend to avoid laminating because with the wrong equipment it can be a painful process with a lot of manual cutting. The ALM changes that dynamic because you can load a few sheets and walk away. Your operators won’t mind running the laminator anymore and the machine will be cranking out high-profit items without the headache.

The Drylam film is a super-stick laminate that is specially created for use with digital printing. High toner coverages with waxy or oily toners will laminate just fine. Typically these tougher toners can have poor adherence. The special adhesive in Drylam film will stick to the toughest toner.

These are dual-sided laminators but they are capable of doing small runs of single-sided laminate. A release-liner roll is used in the bottom position and the release liner can be pulled away from the output sheet. This is perfect for book covers or other special applications that require a paper side for further finishing.

Film Styles Available

  • Gloss 1.5mil, 3mil, 5mil, 10mil
  • Matte 1.5mil, 3mil, 5 mil
  • Elegant Silk Matte  1.2mil, 3mil, 5mil (Customer favorite!)
  • Gloss Nylon 1.2mil
  • Matte Nylon 1.2mil
  • Release Liner (For one-sided lamination)