Perfecta’s Automatic Waste Removal System (AWR)

Perfecta's Automatic Waste Removal System (AWR)
Perfecta’s Automatic Waste Removal System (AWR) – Available for Perfecta 92, 115, 132, 168 & 225

Perfecta’s Automatic Waste Removal System (AWR)

If your cutting jobs require a fair amount of gutter cuts or back trimming, the efficiency at your next high-speed cutter could go up by 40% with the addition of Perfecta’s Automatic Waste Removal System (AWR). The BAUMANN-PERFECTA AWR-system is servo-driven, extremely fast, and the time how long the table stays open is adjustable, so even the sticky material gets out of the way.

The system is equipped with a bed lowering option. By push of a button the front table drops down by a small amount and the operator can place a sheet of card board or plastic onto the front table. The air bed is reversed automatically and holds the board safely in place. And now the fun begins. The front table opens for the scrap cuts while the finished products are safely moved by the backgauge onto the sheet of board. The ‘bed lowering option’ is particularly useful for small products, like cards or labels.

The Automatic Waste Removal system is even available for the PERFECTA 92 TS (36”), worldwide the smallest machine that can be offered with this feature, and making it the ideal solution for cutting business cards or other small products.

The paper waste is usually removed by a waste conveyor system, including a special horizontal conveyor and a slanted conveyor to the waste container. The AWR can also be connected to an existing exhaust system.

Watch this short video to see the system in action:

The Perfecta 92, even though economically priced, is designed with durability and productivity in mind. Capable of operating in a 24/7 environment, all safety features and accuracy is the same as the larger machines. Productivity features like 50 strokes per minute knife, 12 inches per second backgauge, slot-less bed and high speed knife change gives Perfecta the advantage over the competition.

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