Perfecta SDY-TS Three Knife Book Trimmer

Do You Have Books Piling Up?

Check Out Perfecta’s New Three-Knife Trimmer 

Perfecta has come out with their new three-knife book trimmer. This machine is a new entry into the market of three-knife trimmers that MSL offers. Book manufacturers know that trimming can quickly become a bottleneck after investing in a new binder. Trimming is often an afterthought when producers are making investment decisions about production. Only after developing a large backlog of untrimmed books will management start clamoring for a trimmer. 

The Perfecta SDY-TS is a high quality book trimming machine. This model is in the industrial performance category and is engineered to handle decades of multiple shift production. The heavy duty knife drive system is derived from the same flywheel guillotine technology found in Perfecta cutters. The German manufacturing philosophy is to build a robust product that can handle heavy loads without any concern of failure.

Trimmers come in two styles, those with three knives and those with one. The Perfecta SDY-TS is a true three knife trimmer that cuts all three sides of the book in sequence for an extremely fast cycle time. Other trimmers feature one knife that must cycle three times for each book, drastically slowing down throughput. Single knife trimmers are a great option for those who are buying their first book trimmer. 

Bigger book producers know that when it comes to book trimming, throughput is king. Trimmers that can power through a load of work and handle size changes without requiring any time-consuming change-over procedures are worth their weight in gold. Trimmers can be expensive but they are a major production relief that allows book producers to reach incredible production levels and beef up their bottom line.