The perfect CTP for small format printers – at an unbeatable price!

CRON CTP Model 26HThe perfect CTP for small format printers

This complete Eco-friendly package includes the perfect 2-page CTP solution: the CRON CTP Model 26H, the compact all-in-one CTP, auto feeder, imager, punch and conveyor. Featuring comprehensive automation options, this system offers fast, highly cost-efficient UV plate production and the most convenient footprint for small format printers available today.

CRON CTP Model 26H 3-In-1 Fully Automated CTP System with Auto-Loading & In-Line Punch

The CTP Model 26H (26”/670mm format) is the first in a line of automatic 3-in-1 integrated imaging systems designed by CRON. The H-series system combines fully automated plate loading with precision imaging, punching and transport, providing a low cost, easy-to-use and compact unit which is easy to maintain. With a total footprint just 60% the size of comparable units, this system offers high performance alongside improved convenience and cost efficiency. The exposing engine, based on CRON’s market-leading magnetic linear drive platform, provides fault-free imaging across a wide choice of resolutions with registration accuracy up to 0.01mm and a tonal range 1-99%, in either conventional or stochastic screening. Consistent drum pressure control, and integrated online punching for up to 3 punching heads, enables precise registration for a wide range of formats.

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