Pamarco launches new ‘Fidelity’ water rollers

Pamarco launches new ‘Fidelity’ water rollers

Written By Bill Ford

After a year in development, we have created a product that we believe will surpass everything else on the market. But rather than tell you ourselves, we decided to share some feedback that we got from a happy customer. Here’s what Jeff Satterfield, of Highland Computer Forms, has to say about his ‘Fidelity’ experience:

In Terms of the Hype

“I just want you to know that the Pamarco rollers that were sent to me for testing have lived up to everything you said they would do in regards to performance. Through the education classes that Carmon Madison presented to my staff, our roller performance improved with the old compound so much that when you said that we would see an even better performance from the new compound – well, to be totally honest, I thought it was just a sales pitch. Boy was I off base.”

In Terms of the Performance

“It was an immediate change in the ink train, we needed to reduce our water speed (as you said would happen) because the plates were getting way too much water. The water speed was reduced from plus 19 to plus 7. We also were able to reduce our ink speeds by 5 numbers as well. The ink transfer is super with these rollers, so much so that we run all of our heavy solids on this unit with little to no problems whatsoever.”

And an Added Benefit

“Now that we have had several months using the rollers, we have noticed some other benefits. Our chrome rollers and pan rollers are staying so much cleaner on this unit when compared to any other units on the press. We installed the test compound rollers on 8/21/16, and they are performing just as good today, 3/7/17, as they did on day one.”

In Summary

“They are amazing.”

Thanks to Jeff and his team at Highland Computer Forms for partnering with us and for really putting Fidelity through its paces. We are looking forward to many more happy customers as we roll Fidelity out.

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