On a Budget? Find Used Printing Equipment from MSL

Mid-State Litho has provided quality sales and support to our customers for over 25 years. Along with the newest equipment lines from our vendors, we also have several pieces of used equipment available. Buying used equipment is a smart way to update your shop or venture into a new market, without having to pay the full price you would find on a similar piece of equipment. MSL has recently been making a lot of changes to our website, including the addition of a used equipment page. Look for this page to be updated frequently, as used equipment often moves fast.

Used printing equipment currently available through MSL includes:

The Hamada RS-34 LS is a versatile two-color printing press from Hamada made to be durable and user-friendly. If you are looking for an easy-keeper offset press which will please your customers with high-quality product and benefit your shop, you want to take a closer look at this Hamada RS-34 offset press

The Horizon FC-10 and SPF-10 combination booklet maker stitches and folds at top speeds, and can be put in line with a Horizon collator. Easy to operate, this user-friendly booklet maker provides quality trimming and high precision folding. Variable delivery belt advancement insures smooth delivery and easy handing regardless of book thickness. If your business is in need of a reliable and affordable folder/stitcher, MSL invites you to check out this FC/SPF-10 combination booklet maker from Horizon.

The Champion Paper Cutter is the only UL listed cutter in its class. Simple job programming and rugged construction ensure dependability and productivity. The Champion is made to go all day, every day, without pausing for time consuming maintenance. Menu assisted job set-up and tangible numeric buttons aid in simplifying the otherwise complicated task of programming a job and storing it. Challenge’s unique software system lets you enter measurements however you like, enter in inches, fractions or millimeters and they will be converted on the fly to save you time This Challenge paper cutter will benefit your business with increased productivity, while satisfying your bottom-line.

The Mitsubishi DPX4 Platesetter was designed for print shops looking for the quality found in a CTP, but have a budget they need to stick to. This polyester plate imager provides that but at significantly less cost as compared to metal. Known for high quality platestters, Mitsubishi’s DPX4 offers a small shop footprint automatic computer-to-polyester plate system. Easy to operate and maintain, this Mitsubishi DPX4 Platesetter is for the print shop looking for space-saving, efficient platesetter at a manageable price.

The Standard ST-60 Dual Stacker provides your shop with continuous production. The dual stacker automatically diverts collated sets to a second stacker when one stacker is full. The ST-60 is also equipped with an eject station for irregular sets to allow non-stop production. If your shop is based on productivity and efficiency, this Standard ST-60 dual stacker is worth a closer look.

If you are looking to update your shop, keep these products in mind, and remember, check back midstatelitho.net for used printing equipment often.

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