New trends can enhance direct marketing offerings

Business that have used direct marketing for long enough know the power of a well-managed and properly crafted mailing campaign. A company can’t simply decide to send out mailers to customers without any sort of planning or behind-the-scenes work to craft an appealing message and image.

Putting the time and energy into this effort will definitely pay off. One of the most important parts of keeping direct mail efforts exciting is tactfully incorporating new trends into a campaign. Businesses do need some restraint to avoid simply following the bandwagon of the latest trend, but using a few new ideas can improve the effectiveness of mailers. With that in mind, here’s a look at some hot concepts in direct mail:

  • Reminding and bringing back lapsed customers: Forbes stated this area has been underserved by direct mail in some instances and is increasing in popularity. Attracting a client who hasn’t made a recent purchase may seem more difficult than encouraging a loyal, repeat buyer, but it’s likely easier than reaching out to a completely new person. This type of lapsed purchaser is already familiar with the brand’s product or service, so the business can focus more on highlighting new offerings and recent developments. Providing an incentive for these customers to once again buy from the company can be effective. Having good mail list management to keep track of this subset of buyers is especially important, as it’s likely that lapsed clients may have moved, gotten married and changed their names or experienced other life events that require an update to contact information.
  • Combination campaigns: The use of direct mail to draw attention to campaigns on the Internet and in other marketing channels has become more popular in 2014, according to MarketingProfs. With social media playing a strong role in consumers’ lives, having a piece of direct mail that leads readers to a Facebook page or Twitter account can be very successful. Similarly, posts on social networks about a mailer arriving soon in certain regions can generate excitement. A piece of mail that is exclusive or only offered in a limited area can help build interest as well. Another strategy is to include a discount or coupon that can be activated though a website or social media page. Incorporating QR codes into direct mail and allowing smartphone and tablet users to quickly access these sites can also provide good results.
  • Customized printing: Advances in the printing field have made it easier for companies to make direct mail offerings more personal and pique the interest of recipients by putting their name on the envelope. The once-common approach of writing “current resident” on a mailer has been realized by the majority of consumers as shorthand for direct mail, so personalization can help a mailer make it in front of more eyes. Printing technology has also made it easier to change substantial parts of the body of a message, not just the address field. Increased customization, such as including the name of recipients in the body of a mailer’s text, can hold readers’ attention longer. Using this tactic requires businesses to make sure they have the correct spelling and even the preferred casual form of a recipient’s name on file, or the effectiveness will be mitigated. Using list management software to update and clean name and address records can help businesses avoid mistakes in this area. A business that decides to use a trend such as customized printing or attracting lapsed customers needs to make sure they’re doing everything possible to make the effort a success.

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