MSL’s Final Digital Freedom Tour Dates

The final Digital Freedom Tour dates will be September 19th and 20th at the Ramada Plaza in Grand Rapids 3333 28th St SE, Grand Rapids, MI, 10am to 5pm. MSL’s Digital Freedom Tour features the MGI Meteor Digital Press. The Meteor’s construction brings a market exclusive ability to print in super format. Use this to your advantage and provide services that no other print manufacturer can. Super format is terrific for quad-fold brochures, banners, calendars, dust-covers and many other unique items. Show your customer your abilities and help them dream of the possibilities. The patented infrared pre-heater, powerful print engine and enhanced toner compositions give you the freedom to print on a wide variety of stocks and substrates. Print on unique materials like PVC, polycarbonates, Teslin, Yupo, canvas, labels and other synthetics. With the Meteor you are:

  • Free from costly clicks and contracts
  • Free of environmental risks and hazards
  • Free to print laser safe digital work
  • Free to print envelopes on a digital press
  • Free to explore new substrates

Meteor DP8700 XL Digital Press

The Meteor is not the only equipment available for demonstration on the tour. Alongside the Meteor MSL will also show:

  • Mitsubishi Thermal DigiPlate: Mitsubishi Imaging makes going green affordable with the eco-friendly Thermal DigiPlate, the 2-up CTP system ideal for small printers who want an environmentally friendly upgrade from analog and electrostatic plates. The Thermal DigiPlate System is eco-friendly because it is a truly processless system that uses thermal fusing technology to create a high-contrast image on the plate without chemical development, wash-off or ablation.

Mitsubishi Thermal DigiPlate

  • MBM Aerocut Programmable Finisher: Ideally suited for digital applications, MBM’s Aerocut slits, cuts, creases and perforates a wide variety of stocks, including brochures, business cards, post cards, greeting cards, CD jackets and more.

MBM Aerocut Programmable Finisher

  • Morgana AutoCreaser Pro 33: Provides the complete solution to the problem of cracking that occurs when folding digitally printed output. This automatic creaser is capable of handling conventionally printed card, laminates or cross-grained stock.

Morgana Autocreaser Pro 33

  • Morgana AutoFold Pro Digital Folder: free standing folding unit, the Autofold Pro was developed with both digital and litho printers in mind with its ability to fold both precreased sheets. Highly versatile, the Autfold Pro features a SmartScreen touch screen for simple operation.

Morgana AutoFold Pro

  • Dry-Lam FUJiPLA 3220 Automatic Laminator: This two-sided laminator features an automatic sheet feeder and will laminate and trim virtually unattended. Also capable of one-sided lamination, the ALM 3220 can laminate using a matte or gloss finish up to 5 mil.

Dry-Lam FUJiPLA 3220 Automatic Laminator

  • OKI DigiKing Digital Printer: The Digiking is an exciting product available only through MSL. Imagine printing full color envelopes, letterhead, and other unique items easily, efficiently, and economically. The abilities of the Digiking are like no other machine on the market.

OKI DigiKing

If you are interested in having a demonstration of any of our equipment, please call our Flint, MI location at 800.343.4231. And don’t forget to mark your calendar for the last Digital Freedom tour date!

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