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Adobe Illustrator CS5 – Masking Reversed

Instead of creating complex artwork and then drawing another object on top to mask that artwork, you can now simply click on any object and change the drawing mode to Draw Inside (Shift-D) at the bottom of the Toolbox. After you’ve set Draw Inside, the selected object will mask everything you draw. Draw Inside also supports the Paste and Place commands-pasting inside an object has finally come to Illustrator.

Tip provided by David Macy,

Today’s featured equipment: The Aerocut G2 – Streamlined Redefined.

The G2 is a air feed slitter, cutter, creaser, and scorer that slits, cuts, creases, scores, and perforates a wide variety of jobs including brochures, business cards, post cards, greeting cards, cd jackets, etc. with laser-sharp accuracy. Ideally suited for digital applications, up to 2 times faster than base Aerocut model with greater (4″ stack) sheet capacity. For additional product information visist us online at or contact our sales department at

Mid-State Litho, Aerocut G2

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