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Utilizing MGI’s award winning and revolutionary inkjet technology, the JETcard provides card manufacturers with an all-inclusive printing solution.

The JETcard utilizes blank cards (with smart chip, magnetic stripe or RFID) and is ideal for turnkey production from 1 card to millions, all ready to be sold (fully printed, personalized, coated, encoded & verified).

The JETcard is targeted for card manufacturers as well as commercial printers, maximizing productivity for high volume applications while still remaining cost-effective for short runs. The JETcard has already been awarded the prestigious “2010 Siemens Innovation Grand Prix” and the Graph Expo 2011 “Must See ’em”, in recognition of MGI’s R&D achievement.

From an individual blank ISO CR-80 card, the JETcard is able to achieve in one pass, the following processes:

  • Pre-print coating to ensure a full compatibility with the substrates available on the market (PVC, ABS, paper, etc.)
  • Printing in 4 to 6 UV colors
  • Micro text and guilloché patterns
  • Full variable data printing including text, barcodes & images
  • Spot UV coating or flood UV coating for card protection
  • Security inks revealed only under a black light
  • Read & write capabilities on HiCo/LoCo magnetic stripes
  • Automated quality controls and ejection into a rejection bin of the defective cards

New Enhanced Printing functions (2011)

  • Printing with spectacular embossing/3D effects or flat print effect
  • Opaque white UV ink now available
  • Signature panel printing
  • Variable Data Printing even on embossed/3D effects

Drop-on-demand technology and an integrated RIP enable full variable data printing on all JETcard inks and coatings. For example, the security coating can be used as an anti-counterfeiting feature, revealing inks only when held under a black light.

MGI’s JETcard is a true Card Factory and can replace up to 5 different pieces of equipment traditionally used in the plastic card production chain: Litho press, collator, lamination press, die cutter and encoder/personalization printer.

Other key features of the JETcard include:

  • A production speed up to 8,000 cards per hour (simplex)
  • One of the highest print resolutions available (up to 720 x 2160 dpi)
  • Accommodates PVC, Teslin, synthetic or paper cards from 350-1000 microns (ISO CR-80 format)
  • HiCo/LoCo magnetic stripe support (read/write)
  • Capability to store up to 2,500 cards within 5 different magazines
  • Automated controls for ensuring data accuracy between card front and back

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