The Drylam ALM3220 Auto Laminator

Drylam ALM3220 Auto Laminator

The DryLam ALM3220 Automatic Laminator

Drylam ALM3220 Auto Laminator

DryLam is taking lamination of On-Demand Digital Prints to a new level. With the Fujipla ALM3220, laminating of Digital Prints has never been easier! The ALM3220 will automatically feed, laminate and trim Digital Prints virtually unattended, freeing you to work on other profitable tasks. When coupled with our ASAP film, the ALM3220 becomes an instant profit-generator for you! Get this amazing machine only from Dry-Lam, America’s Leader in Digital On-Demand and Wide Format Printing Lamination. Visit MSL online at 

The ALM 3220 Automatic Laminator

  • Fully Automatic Two-Sided Machine
  • Automatic Feeder, Trimming, & Stacking
  • Absolutely No Labor Required
  • Top Quality Lamination
  • Size Versatility and Trimming Options Available to Meet Any Needs

For additional product information contact MSL at 1-800-343-4231 or at CLICK HERE to be directed to the ALM3220

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