Memjet’s Environmental Initiatives

Did you see the Green Roundtable Forum at GOA?

Colordyne Technologies touches on Memjet’s environmental initiatives at the Green Roundtable Forum [GOA 2014] – here are the highlights of CDT’s earth-friendly ways:


Inks & Printhead

  • Membjet inks are aqueous, or water-based dye inks, which create a safer work environment for printing operators and employees
  • Water-based dye inks do not emit the nano-particles found in laser printer toners, nor the noxious odors emitted by solvent-or UV-cured inks
  • Memjet printheads require no special disposal instructions or permits, and typically contain only 0.5 milliliters of ink when removed from printer


  • Inkjet substrates are recyclable. The recycling process is different than flexo substrates, in that paper needs to first be soaked in water until the inks dissolve
  • Colordyne’s Production Class digital albel presses use 10L bag-in-box containers to house the Memjet ink. The cardboard boxes and poly bags are both recyclable
  • Memjet printhead components (plastic protective packaging, black chasis, shrouds and paper guard) easily unclip from the printhead making them very easy to recover for recycling
  • Through strategic partnerships with media suppliers throughout the industry, Colordyne is pleased to retain an ever-growing list of recognized media providers who offer environmentally-friendly substrates


  • Memjet technology uses less energy than laser and other traditional inkjet technologies
  • Colordyne presses do not use curing or drying units; the system is self-cooling


  • Reduced make-ready/set-up time required to prep Colordyne Production Class digital label presses results in minimal media waste
  • Colordyne digital solutions allow you to print what you need, when you need it, reducing inventory, waste and obsolescence


  • Colordyne manufactures light compact systems with a very small footprint compared to other digital and flexo technologies
  • Colordyne digital solutions allow users to streamline their manufacturing process, thus lowering their environmental footprint

To learn more about the sustainability of Memjet technology CLICK HERE!

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