Memjet Formula Ink – High Performance

Memjet Formula Ink - High Performance

With a printhead that’s up to fifteen times faster than traditional inkjet printheads you need the world’s fastest ink. Specially formulated for optimal printing at super-fast speeds, Memjet Formula Ink is quite possible the most advanced ink ever created (Now available for purchase at

Memjet inks are water-based, four-color (CMYK) ink formulations, customized to work in conjunction with Memjet printheads. Memjet inks are unique to meet the demands of high-speed drop ejection, single-pass printing and to ensure reliable, high-quality color printing for the life of the printhead. Advanced dye colorants have been chosen to achieve the highest image quality and reliability at high speeds. The printhead’s microscopic 1-2 picoliter ink droplets absorb into typical substrates in milliseconds, so media of all types that are printed with a Memjet printhead and ink are complete the second they exit the print path.

Memjet Formula Inks are manufactured to very tight tolerances with extremely low impurity levels to ensure consistent quality batch to batch and to maximize printhead life. Memjet ink manufacturers must pass stringent quality audits.

While much of the printing industry has moved from dye to pigmented-based inks, the Memjet printing system enables a unique range of advanced dye and pigment choices that is expected to deliver new print quality capabilities. Whether dye or pigment, Memjet remains committed to delivering high-quality custom inks tuned to work reliably in conjunction with designated printheads.

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