Memjet Changes the Game for Labels

Memjet Changes the Game for LabelsMemjet technology means you can now print blistering-fast color runs of labels and packaging onsite and on-demand, while cutting run costs nearly in half.

This changes things.

This revolutionary technology means that your high-demand logistics and manufacturing operations customers get what they need, when they need it, for less money.

Need variable run capacity?

Memjet breakthrough technology gives you multiple printers at once and allows you to change data on the fly, while increasing speed and maintaining complete quality control.

Production class print engine.

Memjet production-class label printheads deliver continuous printing to pressure-sensitive labels, narrow web packaging, retail tags, professional documents and pre-die cut labels at an amazing 32-inches per second (160 feet per minute). And with five printheads lined up, you get over 350,000 nozzles delivering over 3.5 billion drops of full-color ink per second, for less money.

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