Konica Minolta AccurioPress C4080

High-End Toner Digital Press

Konica Minolta has a stellar reputation in the industry. Their track record of high quality print engines. Konica Minolta has a legacy of success and a huge customer base of satisfied users. The AccurioPress C4080 is an exceptional model in their product line. This 80 page per minute device is the latest generation in toner-based digital printing. It is compatible with all of the optional accessories. Everything from vacuum drawer feeder units to bookletmakers or staplers can be added. 

(MSL Coverage of the Konica Minolta Products covers Michigan only.)

No Click Charges!? What Makes MSL Different?

Click charges have become very common in the printing industry. The service model can serve people well in some circumstances. In higher production categories of print equipment the economic equation can look quite a bit different. It is convenient to pick up the phone when something goes wrong this service has a cost. It is much more expensive to pay for labor and parts coverage that you may never use. Service contracts are always structured to cover a worst-case-scenario.

The cost of a contract can be come a burden after a level of production volume is reached. Some margin of cost is lost against potential profit. There will always be things that should be handled by a technician. Is it economical to pay someone to come visit every time an air filter or drum needs to be changed? There is some training involved but these tasks are not rocket science. By taking control of the management of your equipment the total cost of operation and the total cost of ownership can drop dramatically.

Can I do the maintenance myself?

We’ve sold both service models in our history. The financial difference between the two is enormous. We can calculate a theoretical click charge. Take all service billing and divide it by the cost of service and supplies in the same time period. Without fail, the numbers without a service contract are lower every time. Costs are always lower than doing the same production volume under a service contract.

There’s no doubt about it after a bit of deeper analysis. Click charge contracts are the “extended warranty” that we’re all familiar with from the electronics store. Ultimately they are an upsell from the supplier. Things can be far less expensive if one simply passes on the offer of a contract. 

We DO offer service contracts. Some corporate or government customers prefer the consistent billing that is more easily budgeted over long periods of time. Sometimes producers want to offload risk or they don’t have the time or patience to deal with minor issues. The service contract does have a role in the service industry. The conversation is rarely had in an honest and genuine way with buyers of print equipment. Think outside of the box and consider alternative models that might turn a hassle into a profit center.

AccurioPress Toner Based Engines

The AccurioPress product line is suitable for print providers who need to meet production deadlines and reach high output levels. The AccurioPress series of engines is larger than an office or school printer. They are available with a wide variety of options including saddle-stitching units, folding, and trimming.

IQ-501 Intelligent Quality

With the IQ-501 intelligent quality optimizer the color quality and consistency rises to a whole new level of achievement. Color accuracy and image position data is fed back to the engine in real time. This allows for continuous adjustment of colors to keep the output looking absolutely perfect. The operator does not have to calibrate anymore. They can just fire it up in the morning and start running.

IQ-501 Image Quality Control
IQ-501 Image Processing Flow