Intel Unveils New ‘Clear’ Typeface

By Jillian Wong, 10 Apr 2014
Press Release

Intel Unveils New 'Clear' TypefaceIntel has unveiled its new global typeface called ‘Intel Clear’, its first font overhaul in its 45-year history.

Designed by design agency Red Peak Branding and font studio Dalton Maag, the typeface is meant to work across all writing systems and media platforms.

The old Intel font was only available in Latin and similar-looking styles were required for other scripts, leading to inconsistency issues and multiple licensing deals. The new typeface aims to provide a unified and simplified look across multiple communication channels.

“Intel needed a brand font with personality… to be read by a five-year-old as much as by an 80-year-old, used in small, large, in print, on screen and on devices that haven’t even been invented yet,” explained Dalton Maag creative director Bruno Maag in an interview with Creative Review.

The agency worked on the project for a year, coming up with a cleaner design that exemplifies its values of openness and friendliness through rounded strokes and soft angles. “If you look at the way the lowercase ‘a’ terminates, there’s a nice feature in the bottom of the stroke, a little like calligraphy pen lettering. We wanted the characters to have a human, friendly quality,” said Maag.

One of the challenges was ensuring it looked modern across different scripts. Another issue was ensuring it was optimized for different screen sizes and resolutions, from smartphones to tablets and computers. The third concern was having characters that meet the height restrictions of bounding boxes on gadgets; characters needed to be generous and relaxed to avoid looking too cluttered on small screens.

Work is still in progress on ‘Intel Clear’ and it currently has Latin, Greek and Cyrillic scripts available.

Check out more pictures of the new typeface below. What are your thoughts on it?