How to Check Your Roll Condition on Your Folder

How to Check Your Roll Condition on Your Folder

The fold rolls in your Baumfolder are the heart and muscle of your folding operation. Make sure these valuable investments are still able to give you the quality work your customer demand. This simple procedure can let you verify the condition of your rolls which will give you confidence on that next job.

To Check This Operation – Lock out the power supply to the folder so it can’t be started up while you have your hand in the folder.

As you use your folder for a length of time, the ink from the printing can build up and cause the rollers to become slick and to lose their grip. If you begin to have trouble holding a fold, raise the fold plate with the folder power locked off and the fold plate secure so it does not fall on your hand. Check the urethane section of the fold rollers to determine if this has happened. Use SURE WASH and clean the fold rollers. This difficulty to clean the rollers depends on the amount of ink on the rollers.

To check for wear, with power locked out so no one can start the folder, remove the fold plates. Insert several single strips of paper rolled by hand into the roll in a forward direction about half way. Have a single strip of the same paper in the Baum sets. Now pull on each strip of paper, (don’t pull all the way out). You should have the same tension on all the strips. There may be a very slight difference and still be OK. Put the fold plates back in their proper location.

Also, check for gouges or nicks created by severe jam-ups or using screw drivers to remove jams.

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