THE SECRET IS OUT! Horizon Automated Folders Are The Future 

One thing we’ve learned over the past 2 years is the value of automation. In an environment with staffing troubles and lack of skilled trades there has never been more VALUE in having automated equipment. Automation will help a new user feel confident but it will also supercharge experienced operators. Old fashioned console folders are officially obsolete because of the steep learning curve for new users. 

AFV-56k Touch Panel

The Horizon AFV-56k Folder and the rest of the iCE product line bring automation to another level. These machines automate nearly every part of job-setup and fine tune adjustment. Folder operators can input a sheet size and pick a fold pattern before letting the machine do all of the guide movements and stop positions. Even the gap settings are handled automatically with use of a single caliper.

All of these automations and special features reduce the logical workload on the operator. Tasks that were tricky or complex are baked into the beautiful touchscreen operation panel that make it quick and easy for an operator to fine tune the end product. Automated folders are lightning FAST and setup times are measured in seconds.

iCE Link software

iCE Link is a valuable new cloud-based software suite featured in the latest generation of Horizon equipment. Machines branded with iCE Link can report their status, speed, and schedule to an overall management system. Large production sites can use iCE Link to track the health of their machines and understand how long certain types of jobs take. This is a massive productivity boost to production sites that are seeking to optimize utilization of booked up equipment. Knowledge is power and knowing exactly how long a job will take gives management the confidence to safely fill a schedule.

A production site with automated Horizon equipment like the new AFV-56k iCE Folder is really on another level of production. The pace of setting-up and completing jobs on an automated equipment is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Today, operators are far more comfortable operating equipment with a clean and colorful touchscreen display. This can make a complicated piece of equipment feel like just another app on your smartphone.

New operators, especially those raised on mobile devices will feel instantly connected to the new folder and find themselves empowered to handle a high-speed machine like a pro. In our experience the older folders that require manual set up are very intimidating for new operators. Folders are especially confusing when a novice has to figure out which fold to adjust when panels aren’t lining up. The AFV-56k folder series makes micro-adjustments super simple. Every micro adjustment can be made from the control panel.

Automation is a force multiplier and allows the same number of qualified staff to accomplish exponentially more in the same amount of time. Yes, it can take out the requirement for skilled labor but it also multiplies the effectiveness of the skilled labor you already have.

Horizon AFV-56K iCE Folder Features:

  • Fast setup: Nearly 20% faster than the previous generation
  • System status indicators: LED lights that show status at a glance.
  • Reduced noise: Enhanced sound-proof covers
  • Improved feed section: single-piston suction head system
  • New registration: automated register table with an adjustable vacuum
  • No trial-and-error: automatically calculate the optimal feed interval
  • Production speeds: up to 656 feet/min with cross-folding and up to 885 feet/min for parallel folds.