Heat Seal Introduces HDX Series

The Heat Seal product line has a new series of machines that are HOT right now! The HDX2000 and the pairing Heat Tunnel TX5218 are the latest and greatest from this All-American manufacturer. Heat Seal products have been made in Ohio for many years and this latest iteration represents the culmination of everything they’ve learned over that period of time. The all-electric machines do not use any pneumatics for movement and have a completely new design that is very accessible and easy to see inside of.

Most importantly, this product line is automated. The sealer has an infeed conveyor belt (straight or lugged) that will automatically feed products in and do a complete seal and shrink on them. Operators can place products on the belt by hand or it can be connected in-line with some other process for a totally touchless installation. When products are detected the machine will increment them in and seal them one at a time. This automation will drastically increase throughput because there’s simply no human intervention needed. 

Heat Seal has a great reputation as a manufacturer of many types of shrink wrapping machines. They have just released a huge refresh to their product line and the newly redesigned products are outstanding. Although it is a very new product we’ve seen a wave of interest and orders for this automated shrink wrapping line. Our team has been impressed with the build-quality and production capabilities. Our customers really love them too. All it takes is a little bit of hands on time and the production team will never want to go back to manual shrink wrapping. 

There’s a lot of deep thought that has gone into the new design. Operator access has been improved and the machines now have much better lighting and visibility. The electrical controls have been revamped with modern industrial control products and high grade sensors that are available worldwide.

Most of these new shrink wrapping products from Heat Seal no longer require air. This is a big deal for efficiency. Using electric motors instead of pneumatics reduces the cost of operation by a huge amount. It also makes the machines more consistent and reliable while also removing the requirement for a strong air compressor.

All Electric Redesign; No Air Required!

Refreshed design does away with pneumatics and replaces them with electric drive.

  • No Need for an Air Compressor
  • More Accurate and Consistent Action
  • Lower Cost of Operation
  • No Pneumatics!

HDX 2000 Automatic L-Bar Sealer

The HDX 2000 is a completely redesigned automated L-Bar sealer. It is designed to be used in tandem with a heat tunnel. This automated sealer features two large plexiglass gull-wing doors and a fully lit interior section. It has high-grade controller and sensing electronics that are available worldwide. The machine sets up automatically based on the operators selections with the touch screen control panel.

HDX250A Combo System Sealer and Tunnel

Combination style machine with a sealer and a heat tunnel. This model is highly automated.

Heat Seal Express Combo System HSE100

An entry level combination system with an L-Bar sealer and heat tunnel. Variable levels of automation.