Full-Service is Coming – Are you Ready?

SatoriSoftware_full-335pxDo you send mail at automation rates today? If so, you’ll need to transition to Full-Service Intelligent Mail to continue receiving those discounts next year. Last month, USPS posted their final Federal Register notice, outlining all the details you need to know about preparing Full-Service mail. With the latest announcements from USPS, these requirements are becoming reality. You’ll need to:

  1. Print Full-Service Intelligent Mail barcodes on all automation letters, flats and postcards. The Full-Service IMb includes a sequence number field that must stay unique across all your mailings for at least 45 days.
  2. Use the new 24-digit tray barcode on all trays and sacks. This barcode also has a sequence number that must stay unique for at least 45 days. This new tray label will also be required for non-automation mailings.
  3. Generate pallet placards with a new container barcode if you submit your mail on a pallet. This barcode also has a unique sequence number.
  4. Submit your mailing documentation electronically. You can use Mail.dat, Mail.XML or the Postal Wizard to send your postage statements, qualification reports and other documentation directly to PostalOne!.
  5. Schedule your drop shipment appointments using FAST®.

We’ve heard that some mailers are delaying implementation of Full-Service. Whether it is cost, time commitment or wishful thinking that has you postponing, the time to plan for Full-Service is now!

Article Provided by Satori Software on May 9, 2013. Additional information can be found at www.satorisoftware.com.

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